Denver Broncos Prediction Week Three – Broncos At Seahawks

From the files of “Full Disclosure” – Last Week’s Prediction:  BRONCOS 40 CHIEFS 20. Actual Result: BRONCOS 24 CHIEFS 17.


Broncos at Seahawks


Against the Kansas City Chiefs last week, for the second week in a row, the Denver Broncos looked like the best team in the NFL in the first half and looked fairly average in the second. If this trend continues at Seattle on Sunday, the Broncos will be demolished by the Seattle Seahawks for the second time in the last four games they’ve played that have “counted.”

I don’t think that trend will continue.

I believe the Broncos will get a complete game out of the team in Seattle. The return of Wes Welker should help an offense that has had too many “threes-and-out” during the first weeks of this young season. The defense should be motivated against the Super Bowl champions. Von Miller had a much better Week Two than Week One and that should help. The San Diego Chargers, in their surprising victory over the “Hawks last week, gave other teams, including the Broncos, an idea of how to combat Seattle. And Peyton Manning is on the verge of another record: throwing 500 touchdown passes in his career. If he gets three on Sunday, he’ll hit that number.

I think he gets three. I don’t think the Broncos win.

Maybe I am spooked by the drubbing that Denver took in February. Maybe I’ve paid attention to the fact that Seattle is all-but unbeatable at home. Maybe I know the Broncos aren’t going 16-0 this year and, if they have to lose some games, losing at Seattle isn’t a particularly damaging thing.

Do I want them to win? Of course. Do I think they can? Yes. Do I think they will?

No. I am pretty sure, though, the game will be much more fun to watch than the Super Bowl was.


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3 More To 500 – Peyton Manning Looks For Another Record

This Sunday, against (arguably) the best defense of the last decade, Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning has a chance to join Brett Favre as one of only two NFL QBs to throw 500 touchdown passes. He needs three to do it and while Manning throws three touchdowns before halftime in typical games, the Seattle Seahawks defense might have something to say about yielding that record throw on their home field.

The Denver Post, in a story by Benjamin Hockman you can read HERE, talks about this record from a pretty cool perspective. There are many, many receivers and backs who’ve caught multiple touchdowns from Manning. How many of them caught only one? The answer is twelve and this article highlights these guys, including the one who has “caught a touchdown pass from Peyton Manning” on his LinkedIn profile and the one who is currently in the Marine reserves.

There are some good stories in football.

Photo from

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Teachers Are Leaders Quote And Comment Of The Week: September 15 – September 21, 2014

Weekly during the 2014-2015 school year, And There Came A Day will begin the week with a quote and quick thought about Ignatian education.

Realize that illness and other temporal setbacks often come to us from the hand of God our Lord, and are sent to help us know ourselves better, to free ourselves of the love of created things, and to reflect on the brevity of this life and, thus, to prepare ourselves for the life which is without end.
~  St. Ignatius

The newness might now be wearing off. The routines may well be established. And the challenges may be mounting. The perspective that those very challenges, be they for us or for our students, are coming to us from God can help overcome them. The manner in which we confront our challenges says much about how we handle our lives overall and how we model that for our students.

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Denver Broncos Prediction – Week Two: Chiefs at Broncos

From the files of “Full Disclosure” – Last Week’s Prediction:  BRONCOS 39 COLTS 24. Actual Result: BRONCOS 31 COLTS 24.




Last week’s Bronco game was a classic “tale of two halves.” In the first half, the Broncos dominated on both sides of the ball, running up a 24 – 7 score on the Colts in the first two quarters. In the second half, Andrew Luck took over and brought the Colts to within a touchdown. The game wasn’t, I think, really that close. The Colts were able to recover an onside kick that Broncos tight end (and AFC Offensive Player of the Week last week) Julius Thomas had in his hands. Though the Colts didn’t score on the ensuing drive, with the field position the onside kick would have given them, the Broncos may well have which, at the time, would have blown the game wide open. Ah, well. A win is a win and the Colts have the look of a playoff team for the third year in a row.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, are not a good team at the moment and don’t look like a playoff team. They don’t look even close. Losing to the Tennessee Titans at Arrowhead last week was a very bad sign. Losing two defensive starters (including defensive leader Derrick Johnson) compounds the Chiefs’ issues. They do not have many tools at wide receiver, inexplicably didn’t involve Jamal Charles in their offense last week, and now have to deal with gaping holes on defense. Alex Smith was careless with the ball and the Chiefs just have the look of a team embarking on the start of a very long season.

I don’t think they come to Denver and win.

The Broncos, on the other hand, have something to prove after letting the Colts crawl back in last Sunday. They may have Wes Welker back. They look to get more out of star wideout Demaryius Thomas and out of the running game and they look to get ahead on the Chiefs and to keep the pedal-to-the-metal. This game may well be over by halftime. Yes, it looked that way last week, but the Colts have Andrew Luck and an ability to battle back. The Chiefs? Well, they don’t.


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And There Came A Rumor I Want To Be True!

Growing up, my favorite comic book was The New Teen Titans. Featuring a roster of DC Comics’ teen, side-kick superheroes, it likely appealed to me because the characters were close to my age. I also had a strange (yes, “strange” is the right word) fascination with Robin – the later half of “Batman and…” and Robin was the leader of this group of heroes. Yes, that Robin, the first Robin, as in Dick Grayson, the original side kick, the ward of Bruce Wayne, a character that is almost as recognizable as Superman and Batman and Spider-Man. In his green shorts and robin-red-breast tunic, Robin was the brains behind the New Teen Titans. The comic book was so popular in the 1980s, it rivaled Marvel’s Uncanny X-Men in sales. Though the X-Men have shown more staying power over the years, The New Teen Titans remains my favorite comic book of all time.

New Teen Titans Omnibus

My copy of The New Teen Titans omnibus autographed by co-creator George Perez.

During the course of the series, Robin would famously fall out with Batman and change his name to Nightwing, leaving the teen side-kick role behind.  Nightwing, then, superseded Robin as my favorite character then and remains my favorite to this day.

I had the opportunity to meet the co-creator of Nightwing, Mr. George Perez, at Denver Comic Con this summer. I chatted with him for about 10 minutes while he drew a sketch of the character for me. Jovial and pleasant, Mr. Perez was such fun to be around that I will return to Denver Comic Con next year to talk with him again.

Me and Nightwing co-creator George Perez - what a very nice guy he is!

Me and Nightwing co-creator George Perez – what a very nice guy he is!

There is a rumor today that TNT (Turner Network Television) is developing an hour-long drama based on The New Teen Titans called simply Titans. You can read the story HERE.

With Gotham, The Flash and John Constantine this fall  joining the truly excellent Arrow and the respectable Agents of SHIELD on television (I will blog about Arrow in a future post, but, if you watch it, you are familiar with another of Mr. Perez’s character’s, Slade Wilson who in the comics was called Deathstroke: The Terminator), there is clearly money to be made in superhero television shows. I hope that money extends to Titans. I’d love to see it.

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Should We Really Be Watching The NFL? Yes.

It’s a terrible news day for the NFL. Another chapter has been written in the appalling Ray Rice story and here in Denver, that story has knocked the Broncos’ pull-it-out win off the sports-talk airwaves.

What a sad statement. What at terrible story.

It makes me wonder, truly, if the scales of morality vs. moral corruption are tipping too far into Column B for me to feel comfortable consuming the product this league produces.

NFL Logo

So it was nice to read Sports Illustrated’s Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback column today. You can link to it HERE.

There were two separate stories that reminded me that there are, likely, many, many more good people than bad in the NFL. I quote them here.

One of the Quotes of the Week identified by King:

“They could have just washed their hands completely of it. But they thought about my personal issues and allowed me to come back on the practice squad so I still have insurance.”

—Cincinnati defensive lineman Devon Still, after the Bengals kept him on the practice squad so he could have the resources to deal with his 4-year-old daughter Leah’s battle with cancer.

One of the Ten Things King Liked about the Week:

The Dolphins having a moment of silence before their game to honor big Fins fan Steven Sotloff, the journalist executed by ISIS last week.

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Teachers Are Leaders Quote And Comment Of The Week – September 8 – 14, 2014

Weekly during the 2014-2015 school year, And There Came A Day will begin the week with a quote and quick thought about Ignatian education.

Conversational leadership takes root when leaders see their organizations as dynamic webs of conversation and consider conversation as a core process for effective, positive systemic change.

Teachers (and administrators) should not be afraid of conversation. Students should be considered part of the “dynamic” process of the operation of a classroom. Teachers should be considered part of the process of creation of a school. Conversation, not complaining, should be the central wheel on which the school turns.

St. Francis Xavier, St. Ignatius of Loyola and Blessed Peter Faber are shown in an icon. Pope Francis is expected to issue a decree declaring one of his favorite Jesuits, Blessed Peter Faber, a saint. (CNS photo from

St. Francis Xavier, St. Ignatius of Loyola and Blessed Peter Faber are shown in an icon. (photo from

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