Countdown to Star Trek Discovery: Boldly Go TODAY!

Star Trek Discovery

On Sunday, September 24, Star Trek Discovery premieres. This is an exciting event for Trekkers everywhere and And There Came A Day celebrates with a week long countdown to the pilot episode!

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Today is the day… which of these characters will become fan favorites? Which will not survive the pilot episode? Which will take their place among Kirk, Spock, Picard, Data and the rest?

I cannot wait to find out!

Voq (unknown actor) – “Touched by fate and fire. He is Voq”

T’Kuvma (Chris Obi) – “The ruthless unifier”

L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) – “Battle Deck Commander of the Klingons, L’Rell.”

Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green) – “The first officer”

Captain Phillipa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) – “The Leader”

Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) – “Captain of the USS Discovery”

Lt. Saru (Doug Jones) – “The Kelpian”

Lt. Paul Stamets (Anthony Rapp) – “The brilliant science officer”

Lt. Ash Tyler (Shazad Latif) – “The Soldier”

Cadet Tilly (Mary Wiseman) – “The loyal cadet”

Sarek (James Frain) – “The Vulcan ambassador”


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Countdown to Star Trek Discovery – 1 Day!: Everything We Know

Star Trek Discovery

On Sunday, September 24, Star Trek Discovery premieres. This is an exciting event for Trekkers everywhere and And There Came A Day celebrates with a week long countdown to the pilot episode!

Related content from And There Came A Day put together a handy “everything you need to know about Star Trek: Discovery which you can read in its original rendering or review here!

Get ready for aliens, starships and all new space adventures. The next chapter in the Star Trek universe arrives on Sept. 24 with the premiere of “Star Trek: Discovery,” a prequel CBS series that takes place about a decade before the five-year mission of the original 1960s “Star Trek.” Here are all the important details we know so far. (Disclosure: CBS is CNET’s parent company.)

Meet Michael Burnham

In a Star Trek first, the lead role will be a first officer, not a captain. Sonequa Martin-Green of “The Walking Dead” takes on the character of First Officer Michael Burnham. Showrunner Aaron Harberts revealed some of Burnham’s backstory to Entertainment Weekly: The character is the first human to attend the Vulcan Science Academy. The series starts with her as the first officer of the USS Shenzhou, a plot point that appears in the show’s trailer, but she ends up serving on the USS Discovery under Captain Gabriel Lorca, played by Jason Isaacs of “Harry Potter” franchise fame.

Martin-Green revealed in July her character was raised from a young age on Vulcan by Spock’s father Sarek and his mother Amanda Grayson, which would essentially make Burnham Spock’s adopted sister. We will have to wait to see how Burnham’s absence from Star Trek canon so far is explained in the show.

Two starring starships

The USS Discovery may get top billing, but there’s another key Federation starship in play for “Discovery.” The Shenzhou is helmed by Captain Philippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon“).

We get some good looks at the Shenzhou in the trailer and in an early peek at the ship’s intriguingly designed transporter room, but the Discovery, registration number NCC-1031, is still pretty much under wraps for the moment. We do know what it looks like from the outside based on an early teaser. It has an iconic saucer section and dual nacelles, but with a much flatter overall design than the first USS Enterprise.

Look for original-series characters

The show’s time period makes it ripe for introducing earlier versions of characters made famous by the original “Star Trek.” So far, we know Spock’s father Sarek will appear, with actor James Frain (“Orphan Black” and “Grimm“) taking over as the younger Vulcan. This makes sense knowing Burnham spent a lot of time on Spock and Sarek’s home planet. Sarek’s presence also hints that Amanda Grayson, Sarek’s human wife and Spock’s mother, could show up.

Conman and criminal Harry Mudd, who guest-starred in two episodes from the original series, will also show up in the first season, this time with “The Office” actor Rainn Wilson in the rakish, trouble-making role. Both Mudd and Sarek should provide a strong link to the existing Star Trek canon.

There will be Klingons

The most famous aliens in the Star Trek universe will figure prominently in the first season of “Discovery.” In the trailer, Shenzhou’s Captain Georgiou announces, “Contact Starfleet Command. We have engaged the Klingons.”

CBS announced the casting of three Klingons, played by Chris Obi (“American Gods“), Shazad Latif (“Penny Dreadful“) and Mary Chieffo (known for her stage work). Obi notably plays Klingon leader T’Kuvma.

What really stands out in the trailer is the radical redesign of the Klingons’ look. They’re different from the early original Klingons (known for looking more human-like) and the later Worf-style Klingons with ridged foreheads and luxurious hair.

These Klingons seem to be hairless, have deep furrows across their entire faces and sport almost Gothic-looking outfits while hanging out in ornate rooms. They wouldn’t look out of place on “Game of Thrones.”

The late-August teaser above highlights the ridges and spikes on the new Klingon uniforms and includes a voice-over with this hint as to the aliens’ motivations: “We must fight for one thing above all: To remain Klingon.”

A brand new alien species

Klingons and Vulcans have long been established in Star Trek, but “Discovery” will also introduce us to an entirely new race as Doug Jones (“Hellboy,” “Pan’s Labyrinth”) takes on the physically challenging role of Kelpien Lt. Saru, the Discovery’s science officer. Kelpiens have hoofed feet. Special shoes give the already tall Jones a lilting, gazelle-like walk to go along with a sculptural face.

We know from a “Discovery” trailer that Kelpiens are “biologically determined” to sense the coming of death. That makes it sound a little like Kelpiens are a more goth version of the telepathic Betazoid aliens from “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” The actual explanation is Kelpiens are a prey species on their home planet and are under threat from a more dominant predator species. That has required them to develop high-level survival instincts.

There’s an openly gay character

John Cho’s Hikaru Sulu in the reboot Star Trek movies is gay, a decision that attracted some controversy based on the character’s history. As we learned at Comic-Con in July during the “Discovery” panel, the series will feature Anthony Rapp in the role of openly gay Lt. Paul Stamets, an astromycologist (fungus expert) on board the Discovery. Stamets’ partner is the ship’s medical officer, Dr. Hugh Culber (Wilson Cruz).

“You see my character in a relationship with my partner, who’s a man,” Rapp told TV Guide. “And there’s no commentary about it, and there’s no issue about it among my captain or my crewmates or anything like that. It just is.”

Modern movie magic will reign

Though “Discovery” takes place before the original “Trek,” the filmmakers aren’t trying to go retro with the props, uniforms or special effects. The series’ first-look trailer shows sweeping panoramic shots, epic space views, immersive alien makeup and elaborate sets.

The new Federation uniforms sport clean lines and metallic accents that hint at some of the details of the very first “Trek” uniforms, but feature a much more refined, futuristic design than those sported by Captain Kirk, Spock and Doctor McCoy. These outfits make sense as an evolution of the uniforms seen in the “Enterprise” prequel show.

The trailer drops some hints

The two-minute first-look trailer tells us the USS Shenzhou is visiting “the edge of Federation space.” Burnham is in contact with a hologram version of Sarek, who seems to be a mentor figure to her. There appears to be a flashback scene depicting Burnham as a young child on Vulcan, showing her deep history with the desert planet.

The trailer also generates a lot of questions. Are Burnham and Georgiou strolling around on Vulcan? Who’s the “great unifier” Sarek refers to? What’s the “object of unknown origin?” And what’s in that crazy floating sarcophagus-looking thing the Klingons have?

Expect “Discovery” to embrace a serialized storyline spanning its episodes, rather than a fully contained story-of-the-week format. That will make it more spiritually akin to “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” than the Kirk-led series or “The Next Generation.”

Burnham’s journey and character development will be key to the new show. CBS sums up the season by saying “‘Star Trek: Discovery’ will follow the voyages of Starfleet on their missions to discover new worlds and new lifeforms, and one Starfleet officer who must learn that to truly understand all things alien, you must first understand yourself.”

How to watch the new Star Trek

The debut season of “Discovery” will span 15 episodes, with the premiere episode appearing on CBS broadcast television in the US on Sept. 24 and the rest streaming through the CBS All Access subscription service. Canadian viewers can catch it on the Space channel. Fans outside the US and Canada will be able to watch the show through Netflix.

The first season is divided up into two chapters with the first eight episodes playing through Nov. 5 and the second half picking up in January 2018.


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Link’n’Blogs – 9.22.17: Health Care Experts Weigh In

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I loved Lincoln Logs when I was a kid. Though I never entertained the idea that I would be a designer, engineer or architect, something about putting together these wooden and plastic pieces was simply simple fun. Connecting to ideas through the blogosphere seems similar to this pursuit, hence the title of this weekly post. Each Friday, I intend to post something interesting I’ve read out there on the internets. Hopefully others will find these posts as thought provoking as I have.

I am not a health care expert. I am terrified of what is happening to health care in this country. I am trying to get educated. I am trying to get active. I am trying to get involved.

One group I listen to on healthcare issues are the people who are the actual experts. This article from lays out what they are saying and why we should be actively opposed to what is happening in Washington.

I mean, I read this and have no idea how else I am supposed to respond…

Click the photo for the article.


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Countdown to Star Trek Discovery – 2 Days: Who Are The New Crew?

Star Trek Discovery

On Sunday, September 24, Star Trek Discovery premieres. This is an exciting event for Trekkers everywhere and And There Came A Day celebrates with a week long countdown to the pilot episode!

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Getting ready for Sunday’s premiere of Star Trek: Discovery?

Do you know the new crew?

You should!


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American Assassin – A Movie Review

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American Assassin

The Cinnamon Girl and I have very much been looking forward to American Assassin. The initial previews promised a taut thriller, with solid action and a couple of lead performances which could carry an excellent movie. They also pointed to a nuanced film that might have some philosophical depth to it.

As previews continued to churn out, our conceptions about the movie began to change (nuclear explosives? a rogue former protegee?) but we held fast the our anticipation, especially as it related to seeing Michael Keaton in what promised to be a solid role as a tough military man, intent on protecting America and training the next generation.

Good news: Keaton is great and steals every scene in which he is featured. His line delivery is wonderful – quirky and off center – so much so that the intensity he imbues in his Stan Hurley is utterly believable and totally magnetic. I bought Keaton in the role and wanted to know more about him than I did about Dylan O’Brien’s main character, Mitchell Rapp.

It is not that O’Brien is bad, he is simply not Keaton nor is he given much with which to work and, while an actor of Keaton’s ability can develop a character seemingly out of whole cloth, O’Brien is not in that league.

As the movie wore on (and that is the correct word, unfortunately), I wanted more of Keaton and less of… well… everyone and everything else.

Though the story was not particularly inventive (mentor’s old protegee and new protegee go up against each other – who will survive?), the action shifted all over the place from small situations to increasingly gigantic and increasingly hard to believe ones.

We’re in a tunnel! We’re in a hotel room! We’re in a car! We’re on a speed boat! We’re approaching a carrier group and… my God, is that a nuclear explosion?

Here is the thing, for a movie called American Assassin, there was a lot of action that did not feel covert. This was an over-the-top, superhero culture inspired extravaganza that I did not expect and the change from expectation to reality was not welcome.

While I loved Keaton’s performance (and he gets to chew some scenery here – literally) and was entertained by a set piece or two, the overall effect of American Assassin was far less than the sum of its parts, its violence, its action sequences and the many, many modes of transport the characters used and fought in and around.

Marginally enjoyable, utterly forgettable, this movie is a disaster without Michael Keaton. Actually, it is a disaster with Michael Keaton. Let us hope that his renaissance is not derailed by it.




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The 2017 Denver Broncos – Week Three: Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills

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Denver Broncos @ Buffalo Bills

Sunday, September 24, 2017



Prediction: Denver 30, Dallas 24

Actual: Denver 42, Dallas 17


Are the Broncos the surprise team of the NFL this year? Perhaps they are.

They have the number 1 3rd down offense. The number 1 (tied) touchdown leader at quarterback. The number 2 3rd down defense. The number 1 rushing attack.

I could go on.

Buffalo? It has not many of these things.

But the game is in Buffalo. The game is an early kickoff for the Broncos. They often do not play well in this time slot.

And, the season is young. We do not truly know what either of these teams will be at the end of the year.

But I do think the Broncos are better than the Bills…


Buffalo, for all its offense problems (it is hard to believe, even at home, they will score more than 17 against the Broncos, and that total would be a stretch), has a stout defense. The key match up that will decide the game is Trevor Seimian vs. the Buffalo Bills’ defense. If he can make the right throws, the smart throws and limit turnovers (he’s been a bit too prone to them through the first 2 weeks of the season), it’s hard to imagine the Bills staying with the Broncos.

If, however, Seimian gets rattled and the Bills’ defense takes the ball away a time or two, this could be a much closer game than it ought to be.


CJ Anderson is this week’s X-Factor. He is currently playing up to the hype. He is one of the best running backs in the league – this week – and keeping Jamal Charles at bay. He is running with authority, making plays in the passing attack and took over the game against the Cowboys last week.

LeSean McCoy may get more press (and, if he has a big game for Buffalo, he will be the X–Factor about whom I should have written) but Anderson is doing everything right at the moment.

As CJ goes, so goes the Bronco offense. If the running game is a hit this week, Denver wins. Easily.


The “eye” test gives the one to the Broncos. While this could be a classic “trap game” (big win last week, big division game next week), it is also Vance Joseph’s first road game as a head coach. That, in-and-of-itself, should provide the team motivation. So should the fact that the media still seems to think they are something of a mirage.

Beat the Bills Sunday and some critics are quieted. Lose here, and be ready for a long week of “they couldn’t beat the Bills, how will they ever beat the Raiders?”

Make mine Denver. Big.


Denver Broncos – 31

Buffalo Bills – 10

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Countdown to Star Trek Discovery – 3 Days: Will Captain Kirk Appear on Star Trek Discovery?

Star Trek Discovery

On Sunday, September 24, Star Trek Discovery premieres. This is an exciting event for Trekkers everywhere and And There Came A Day celebrates with a week long countdown to the pilot episode!

Related content from And There Came A Day

So, Star Trek: Discovery takes place in the so-called “Prime Universe” of Star Trek and, therefore, William Shatner’s Captain Kirk might, might, be in play for an appearance on the show. Is Shatner willing? How would this work?

Syfy went directly to the horse (man)’s mouth to ask the Captain The Question.

You can read the article at by CLICKING THE PICTURE below, or you can read it here.

surprised kirk

The wait is almost over. After a painful 12-year absence from the small screen, Star Trek will finally return to TV at the end of this month with CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery.

Set a decade before the events of The Original SeriesDiscovery will introduce fans to a slew of new Trek characters to either root for, or against; as well as some familiar faces in the form of Spock’s dad Sarek (James Frain), and Harry Mudd (Rainn Wilson).

Star Trek: TOS actor William Shatner has been speaking to Trek Movie about the possibilities of making an appearance on the new series (Shatner’s name always pops up when there’s a new Star Trek project in the works), saying:

“Well it would depend on what the participation was. I wouldn’t want to do something that was a throwaway sort of gratuitous place in the plotline. They would really have to exercise their imaginations to have a fifty years older captain in there – if it was the character. They would have to do something remarkable.”

Time travel, alternate timelines and parallel universes (as in the Mirror Universe) have been elements of Star Trek since the show’s early days, so it wouldn’t be too difficult to find a way to explain the presence of an older Kirk on the sci-fi series.

Then, there’s also another way The Shat could beam aboard Discovery.

When the interviewer pointed out that Kirk would logically be younger in the new Star Trek series than on TOS, Shatner said: “So, then I got to play my father.” Hmm, that might could work? What do you think?

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