Big Bang Theory… My Feelings Almost Exactly

I really enjoy Big Bang Theory on CBS.

Folks told me for years how much I would like it and I resisted watching it because the few channel surfing glimpses I caught of it didn’t strike me as 1) particularly funny and 2) particularly respectful of two of my favorite hobbies: Star Trek and comic book collecting. Parts of the show that I sporadically watched seemed to be mocking the characters (four admittedly mockable and nerdy scientists) and their interests.  Now, I am no nerdy scientist (I am, in fact, a nerdy high school teacher and administrator) but the interests of the characters on the show are my interests, too.

How dare a Chuck Lorre production mock me? Perhaps Charlie Sheen had it right.

One of the activities that the Cinnamon Girl and I enjoy with our kids is watching a complete television series on DVD or download (don’t judge us… more on how great we find watching tv with our kids later). Sometimes we do it as a family of five – my kids share their time between their mom and our home – as we did when we watched Friends in its a far-more-funny-than-I-remembered glory and sometimes we do it as a family of three because HJ jr is always with us.

Casting about for a show Stretch and Sous Chef would not mind us watching without them, we settled on Big Bang Theory. And we’ve enjoyed it very much.

Last week’s episode was one of my least favorite (though one of the most lavishly produced; the show is clearly benefitting from increased viewership) and I couldn’t put my finger on why until I read an article on the website Click HERE for the article.

Nice to have my reactions so entirely reinforced by people smarter than me!


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