Fall Television Episode Seven – The Crazy Ones


Quick Verdict: DVR Worthy

Robin Williams is back. Sarah Michelle Gellar is back. David E. Kelley is back.

Should anyone care?

Apparently, someone does. Three weeks into its run, The Crazy Ones is the number one rated new show of the season. It’s not the best new show we’ve seen, but it’s enjoyable enough to keep watching.

Williams is relatively restrained here as an ad executive who may or may not have lost his edge. He’s, perhaps, on the south side of a mental breakdown (think Boston Legal’s Denny Crane – man, I miss this show) but functional enough to continue to land big clients and big guest stars (Kelly Clarkson, anyone?) for the firm he and his daughter partner in running. Williams tends here – as he does everywhere – to steal the show and leaves Gellar to be his straight-woman which, all things considered, ain’t that bad a gig. She does just fine.

James Wolk – talented and funny – shows up as a support character who almost matches Williams’ zaniness ad lib-for-ad lib.

I liked the show much, much better when it was noted in the pilot where the title came from: the 1997 Apple Computer ad campaign, however, a show based on an Apple ad? Does the company have that much resonance in culture?

Yeah, stupid question …


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