Mater’s Day… Her Birthday, That Is

“And mama, when I was a child, I spent hours in her smile,

making cookies in the kitchen, spilling paint on her tile,

she’d read me bible stories and sleep with me awhile.

And I first saw God in her eyes.”

I wrote those lyrics in years ago (when I was in college) in a song called Colorado Time that was intended to be a gift to my parents. I was thinking about them this week because Friday was my mother’s birthday.

photo (30)

Over the weekend, The Cinnamon Girl and I had the chance to The Mater and celebrate her birthday a couple of times.

Friday night, we had dinner at a TERRIFIC Italian restaurant called Parma. Good food, good drink, great company! The Mater seemed to have a lovely time and I know that The Cinnamon Girl, HJ jr, Stretch, Sous Chef and I did as well. I loved the mozzarella bar which was our starter, but the real hit of the night was the gnocchi!

Saturday, The Cinnamon Girl and I went over to The Mater’s house for an evening of family (my sisters and their kids were there), animals (The Mater and my younger sister and her family live together and have two rather large dogs!) and food – again. Saturday, it was shishkabobs, garlic bread and pecan pie (The Mater’s favorite).

We don’t get together as often as we’d like anymore with 5 high schoolers in the third generation and our homes being 35 miles apart, but, when we do, the feeling of family – its warm sweater-like embrace – is always comfortable.

What a great way to start the weekend!

Happy birthday, Mom! Thanks for being you.



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2 responses to “Mater’s Day… Her Birthday, That Is

  1. Mom

    Lovely! Thank You

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