Don’t Miss the Moments…

Sunday evening, Sous Chef and I attended the Father/Daughter Gala for the school at which I teach. She’s a sophomore there. We didn’t go last year. Rather, I took her to a Denver Bronco game (the Broncos beat the Buccaneers 31 – 23; I DID have to look this up).

We had a great time at the game, as we always do. Sous Chef is a very knowledgeable football fan.

This year, Sous Chef made it clear that we’d missed something very fun last year. I was not as sure, but I find it really, really difficult to disappoint my kids and I wrapped my head around going to the Father/Daughter Gala this time around, selling the tickets to this Sunday’s game against the Titans (which turned out to be a wonderful decision considering the below 20 degree weather at kick off) and asking Sous Chef if we could wait until the conclusion of the game before departing for the dance.

She obliged. She’s a good kid.

And to the dance we went and we had a GREAT time.

jeff and kateri

We ate, we danced, we talked, we laughed, we came in second (according to us) in a dance contest!

I channeled Kevin Bacon and did “The Footloose.” Sous Chef laughed. Her classmates – my students – laughed. I laughed.

Did I mention GREAT TIME?

Here’s the deal: they are not here forever. Stretch is on his way to college next fall. HJ jr follows the year after and Sous Chef herself the year after that. They aren’t going to be here to ask me to go to a dance, to watch a video, to talk about a play in the game.

I don’t want to miss the moments. I don’t plan to.


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