My Father’s Birthday

Today, January 18, would have been my dad’s 72nd birthday.

We lost him too soon.

There are things that remind me of Dad everyday, items I know are going to make me think of him, items I’ve intentionally left like sign posts in my life: the Hole-in-One trophy that he won in the 80s sits on a bookshelf in my office, a picture of him as a senior in high school is framed on my wall, the mass card from his  is not only hung above my desk, but I have a handful in various spots and drawers.

There are things that come up almost daily, always unexpectedly: someone out-of-the-blue saysto me that I look like him, an email from a long ago gifted magazine subscription he liked reminds me it’s time to renew, I read a story about baseball and my first instinct is to call him.

That’s my favorite time to think about Dad – that moment when I almost reach for the phone to call him.

It reminds me he is always there for me, just like he always was.





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