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Teaching Topic and Tip of the Week: 5.5.14 – 5.11.14

Today’s Teaching Topic:

The End Is Coming…

The quote for the week is from Yoda.

“Already you know that which you need.”


image from Lucasfilm.com.

Today’s Teaching Tip:

How Much More Is There To Do, Really?

In my school, we’re down to two weeks and two days of classes for under class women. The seniors have five days of class. How much more can we cram in?

It’s a question that could use a little reflection. We are surely at the end of our ropes in terms of energy and creativity and summer beacons.


Our students are in much the same condition, though they have the pressures of exams (Final, AP and otherwise) that we do not. Perhaps these last few days and weeks are moments wherein we can counsel our students, help them calm themselves, allow them to see that they can only do what they can do in the time they have left this school year and that they would be well served to set realistic goals for themselves.

That is good advice for teachers as well.

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