Cinnamon Mother’s Day

The Cinnamon Girl is amazing at a great many things. She is a terrific chef, an incredibly talented teacher, a wonderful partner, my best friend and a really remarkable mother.

She is so sad to see our kids growing up (HJ jr is 17 going on 45, Stretch graduates high school next week and Sous Chef is about to take over the world… er, I mean, the kitchen) but knows exactly how much independence to offer them.

Kateri and Caroline

Sous and Cinnamon

She has a way of allowing the kids to open up to her, to tell her whatever is on their minds. I’ve spent a lot of time observing other parents’ behaviors in my years as a teacher and I’ve not seen many other parents (including me!) with this ability.

The kids know they love her. They know she’s fiercely protective of them, so much so that, when they have an issue or they are in any kind of distress, the go to her first.

She gives our children wise and loving advice.

She makes them laugh.

The kids don’t always know what to make of their Cinnamon Mom, but I do. I know that, in all ways and, very much as a mother, The Cinnamon Girl is truly special.

Oh, and she loves Lulu, too…

sad lulu


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