Teaching Topic and Tip of the Week: Final Edition of 2013 – 2014

Today’s Teaching Topic:

Successful Conclusion to the Work.

The quote for the week is from Henry Brooks Adams.

“Teachers effect eternity.”


photo from mindbodysmile.com.

Today’s Teaching Tip:

Be Cause and Effect.

This week is the last week with students at my private, Catholic school. Graduation is tonight, underclasswomen exams are Wednesday through Friday and the students will then run headlong into their summers.

These five days mark my last with students. I am leaving my position as high school administrator and teacher to move on to a different job in the field of Jesuit education and, as excited as I am, I cannot help but feel  bittersweet for I’ve been about the work of direct instruction of students – in some form or another – for the last 23 years. I cannot (or, rather, I choose not to) do the math to calculate the numbers of student it has been my absolute blessing to walk with over these past, many years. I can say that I have been formed as a person by each and every one of them and, if our quote from Henry Adams this week is correct, perhaps a few of them have been formed by me, too.

Teachers effect eternity. I am eternally effected by teaching.

Full. Circle.


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One response to “Teaching Topic and Tip of the Week: Final Edition of 2013 – 2014

  1. Barb a.k.a. Mom

    Those are beautiful and touching thoughts as you embark on the next phase of your journey. Congratulations AND job well done!

    One of your most ardent supporters.

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