Denver Broncos Prediction Divisional Round – Colts at Broncos

From the files of “Full Disclosure” – Prediction from last game:     RAIDERS 17    BRONCOS 33.   Actual Result:       RAIDERS 14    BRONCOS 47.



Broncos Foam

The second season begins for the Denver Broncos this Sunday. It is a game that the Broncos and their fans have been waiting for since February of 2014. The 12-4 regular season is over. The remake of the Broncos from a pass first, finesse team to a run first is over. The emerging of the Denver defense is over.

The games count in a whole different way now. One-and-done.

The Broncos don’t plan to be done on Sunday and I don’t think they will be.

Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis Colts quarterback, played a great game r last Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, throwing some amazing and a few all but impossible passes leading his team to the second round of the playoffs. The cliché “he put the team on his shoulders” was coined for a game like the one Luck turned in last week. It was, perhaps, the best game of his career.

To beat the Broncos on Sunday, he’ll have to be even better.

The Colts this year remind me of the Bronco teams of the 1980s under John Elway. Elway was good enough to make everyone around him better and he essentially played his teams to three AFC Championships. This is the part of the Colts that scares me.

The rest of the team does not.

Denver is as good as the Colts in almost every offensive category. They are better than the Colts in every defensive capacity.

The Denver Broncos are built to win now. They are built to win in the playoffs. They are going to win on Sunday.

As healthy as they have been in months, the Broncos might make easy work of the Colts, but the Luck factor keeps the score respectable. Much like Week One, the Broncos will jump out early and the Colts will make the score look like the game was closer than it actually played out.

Denver moves on.



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