Teachers Are Leaders Quote And Comment Of The Week – January 26 – February 2, 2015

Weekly during the 2014-2015 school year, And There Came A Day will begin the week with a quote and quick thought about Ignatian Education.

When Nadal told trainees that for men on a journey, the whole world would become their house, he was encouraging far more than mobility alone. He was pronouncing a fundamentally hopeful, optimistic, adventurous, and even playful outlook. Leaders with a “whole world is our house” attitude eagerly look forward to what lies around life’s next bend. Ingenuity rests on the conviction that most problems have solutions, and that imagination, perseverance, and openness to new ideas will uncover them. 

~  Chris Lowney speaking of Jesuit Jerome Nadal

Chris Lowney is the author of Heroic Leadership a book applying Jesuit perspectives to modern business leadership. In the book, he analyzed the teachings and lives of such Jesuits as Jerome Nadal to see what their example could lend to the business world… an interesting idea. I’ve found that many of the lessons are equally applicable to teachers. The book is a great read.

Teachers are called to be leaders with a “whole world is our house” outlook now more than ever. It’s both an inspiring and daunting call. The best of teachers are more than ready to embrace it.


heroic leadership



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