And There Came A Man Without Fear… Again!

Lately, I am really enjoying Netflix. With House of Cards set to dump its third season episodes on Friday, February 27, with The Cinnamon Girl and my discovery of The Fall (more on that in a post soon!) and with Marvel’s Daredevil set to premiere in April, one could spend much time with one’s Roku…

Daredevil logo

Daredevil you say? Wasn’t that a bad Ben Affleck movie?

Yes, it was. Really a pretty terrible movie, but the Daredevil concept has always been a cool one. Created by (who else?) Stan Lee with art by Bill Everett, Daredevil has been a Marvel B character of middling popularity for years. Having lost his sight while gaining incredible radar powers as a child, lawyer Matt Murdock fights crime in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York both in his profession and in costume. It’s a clever conceit.

Daredevil stories generally break down into two categories: the first features a light-hearted character who enjoys his work as a lawyer and his role as a superhero and the second features a character struggling against the crushing darkness of a city that thwarts him as an attorney and punishes him as a hero.

Without question, Netflix’s series falls into the later category. Check out the recently released trailer:

One of the things I’ve always found interesting about the character is his Catholicism. Most narratives about Daredevil don’t spend much time there, but this one looks like it might.

Add another show to my binge watching list. I hope The Cinnamon Girl likes it!


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