Ant-Man, Marvel’s Smallest Hero

Look, I made a big mistake last summer thinking that Guardians of the Galaxy was not going to hit. And, when I saw it and loved it, I decided to give Marvel Films the benefit of the doubt when it comes to their movies.

Ant-Man had a troubled production. Director (auteur?) Edgar Wright was replaced by Peyton Reed very late in the pre-production process. “Creative differences” were sited and the comic movie loving population began lighting torches.

Not this guy. Marvel Films, until they make something as bad as Green Lantern has my faith.

And, today, we have a new preview. I think it’s pretty awesome, thank you.



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2 responses to “Ant-Man, Marvel’s Smallest Hero

  1. I’ll admit that Ant-Man was the first MCU property I wasn’t that excited about, and the first Super Bowl spot did nothing to pique my interest. But this new trailer… This new trailer looks pretty good! I think it was the Thomas the Tank Engine gag that won me over 🙂

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