Controversial From The Start – The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teaser Drops

If you follow this kind of thing, you know that Warner Bros was planning an out-of-the-ordinary event to premiere its teaser for the highly anticipated Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie coming in 2016. On Monday, April 20, in select IMAX theaters, the teaser was to screen for the first time in front of audience to be released later on the internet.

That’s not the way things played out. A clearly cell-phone pirated version of the teaser made the rounds on the internet on Thursday, April 16 – the same day as The Force Awakens trailer was released.

The majority of early reactions to the Batman v Superman teaser were not entirely positive. Whether this had to do with the tone of the teaser (foreboding) in comparison to the tone of The Force Awakens teaser (hopeful), with the lingering emotions surrounding Man of Steel (which I detailed HERE) or with fear that this movie will be a Green Lantern like misfire, I don’t know.

I do know that I was a bit underwhelmed seeing the teaser last night – but that was the blurry, very dark pirated version. It seems release of this version forced Warner Bros’ hands and, today, they released an HD version.

I found my reaction to the official version much different. This teaser is pretty stunning, frankly.

I am digging the concept, begun in Man of Steel that, if a superhuman being came to earth, that entity would likely be regarded with as much fear as openness – especially if, in his first appearance, he was involved in a battle that caused significant loss of life and property damage. I am digging that the world would have mixed emotions. I am digging that other entities in the world (Batman? Lex Luthor?) would feel like they had to take his measure.

But, you should judge for yourself:



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2 responses to “Controversial From The Start – The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teaser Drops

  1. Ben Q.

    Not sure if this was intentional or not, but I found it interesting/slightly ironic that immediately after you reviewed a movie in which you describe the actor as portraying a role in an iconic way, you discuss an upcoming movie in which the two main characters have each been acted in iconic fashions, but for which two new actors will be portraying them.
    Looking forward to this movie!

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