Is There Room For Originality?

I have no idea if Tomorrowland is going to be a hit this summer. That I am excited to see it is not a bellwether indicator for any movie’s success. I was excited to see Green Lantern a few years back, like opening night excited. My judgment is not to be trusted.

But I want a movie like this to succeed.

Though I love superhero movies and Star Wars movies and am hopeful and anticipating next summer’s Star Trek sequel, I worry about the significant lack of originality the movie going public is willing to sample.

Last summer provided a terrific case-in-point: Edge of Tomorrow (review HERE). This was a fun, interesting and wholly entertaining movie. It wasn’t a sequel, but an original piece of science fiction (based on a novel) that seemed hard to quantify. The movie didn’t catch on.

Will the equally original and fun looking Tomorrowland be this summer’s Edge of Tomorrow? I don’t know, but I think it looks great.

Here’s the latest trailer:


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