Teachers Are Leaders Quote And Comment Of The Week: April 27 – May 3, 2015

Weekly during the 2014-2015 school year, And There Came A Day will begin the week with a quote and quick thought about Ignatian Education.

“Who did Jesus help the most? Whoever was in front of him.”

~  Father Pat Dolan

At mass this week, our pastor gave a terrific homily about Jesus being the shepherd. This was a good call by him as this past Sunday was Good Shepherd Sunday. In his homily, Father Pat talked about what it means to be a shepherd, quoted Pope Francis (highlighting the Jesuit Pope’s famous “a shepherd must smell like the sheep” image) and spoke about Jesus’ work on earth.

I was very struck by the idea that Jesus was engaged by whoever stood in front of him – that Jesus gave of himself completely to whoever he found himself with in any given moment. So should it be with effective teachers and leaders.

When engaged with a student or a staff member, teachers and leaders who are good – who are shepherds – must not think of the next class, the next meeting, the next moment. They must be fully connect to whom their with and conscious of the needs of that person.

What would Jesus do?


As leaders, we should be more about, too.

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