Stretch At 18 Years Old

There are far more than 18 things I could say on this day, the day Stretch turns 18. There are many, many more than 18 memories I could share on this day, the day Stretch (in the eyes of the law I am told) turns 18. There is a mark of love deeper than 18 fathoms that I could write about on this day, the day Stretch turns 18.


So, what to actually say about Stretch? How about this:

I remember holding him in a baseball glove when he was an infant.

Some of the most fun I’ve had watching sporting events were watching him play in them.

The first time his life flashed before my eyes was when I watched him at 2 years old tumble down a flight of stairs towards a cement floor – I caught him.

I once watched a tear freeze on his face after a particularly painful Bronco playoff loss (damn you Baltimore Ravens!)

Skipping kindergarten made a lot more sense when he was a baby than it does when he’s turning 18 following his freshman year of college!

He’s taller than I am – by far – and I’ll never get over being mad about that.

Matthew Moving In

He’s become more than a pleasant young man – he’s become a FINE young man.

He is able to kill me in basketball. I stopped playing him years ago when I realized I had to cheat to win.

Sports are his passion.

His room is clean and orderly… it’s my hope his mind is, too.

I miss him terribly when he is away at school – it’s good preparation for what’s to come all too soon.

I will never forget handing him his high school diploma.

Matthew Graduation 2

Though he’s not always interested in my passions, he always pretends to be!

He thinks he knows as much about the Denver Broncos as I do… false.

He is a wonderful brother to HJ jr.

Sous Chef and Stretch have a bond as special as I’ve ever seen between a brother and sister.

The Cinnamon Girl is almost as amused by Stretch as he is by her.

Every day, I am more and more proud of this boy – my boy. My love for him grows every day. Along with his brother, his sister and my wife, he is the reason I get out of bed and the last thing I think about when I get back in.

Happy Birthday, StretchI love you more than you can possibly know.

Matthew Profile



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