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It was a very big week in Star Trek last week and, lest faithful readers of And There Came A Day worry, though I am knee-deep in preparations and giddy with excitement for The Force Awakens, my first love remains Star Trek.

Without Star Trek, there is no Star Wars. George Lucas himself, before filming a frame of A New Hope looked into acquiring the rights to Star Trek. No Enterprise? No Millennium Falcon. No Captain Kirk? No Luke Skywalker. Think about it.

Star Trek will celebrate its 50th anniversary next year and big things should happen for it.

First Big Thing?

Star Trek Beyond, the third film in the rebooted movie franchise, started filming last week.

Director Justin Lin tweeted the above image as filming got underway while Zachary Quinto shared his own image below.

someone is preparing to emerge.

A post shared by Zachary Quinto (@zacharyquinto) on

The film is scheduled to open July 8, 2016.

Next Big Thing?

Chris Pine – Star Trek’s Captain Kirk – and Zachary Quinto – Star Trek’s Mr. Spock – have signed on (with massive raises) to reprise their roles in a potential fourth film in the franchise. Paramount Pictures is, understandably, interested in continuing the Star Trek movies if Star Trek Beyond is a hit.


Last Big Thing (for now)?

A fan named Michael Gummelt was invited to pitch a new Star Trek series to Paramount Studios. This is pretty shocking, not that Paramount would want a new series, but that a fan has been asked to pitch it. Gummelt has developed quite a Star Trek story (you can read about it on his website HERE) and has, apparently, caught the eyes of Paramount executives. No word on whether or not this will ever get made, but it’s very cool to think that Paramount recognizes that Star Trek belongs on television.

The project was called Star Trek Beyond before the third film was officially named that. Now it is called Star Trek Uncharted.

Star Trek Uncharted


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