And There Came A Great Story From A Silent Man – Spider-Man Co-Creator Steve Ditko Speaks

Only dyed-in-the-wool comic book fans know the story of Steve Ditko, an artist who worked for Marvel Comics in the 50’s and 60’s, who subsequently moved on to DC and who, in his retirement, has remained almost Salinger-like out of the public eye. Notorious for protecting his own privacy and bearing, it seems, some deserved grudges against various of the personalities with whom and companies for whom he worked, Ditko shuns the press, doesn’t make personal appearances and stays far afield of the comic book industry.


8-year-old Carl likely only knew Ditko as a co-creator of Spider-Man, which shows that Carl knew quite a lot, actually. While Stan Lee may have written the character, Steve Ditko created the Spider-Man’s look, illustrated 38 issues featuring Spider-Man, penciled more than a handful of issues of The Incredible Hulk and co-created, wrote and drew Dr. Strange (soon to be a Marvel movie featuring Benedict Cumberbatch). That’s a pretty impressive resume and we’ve not even touched on his DC and Charleton Comics work.

When Carl sent Ditko a letter, the chances of the reclusive creator responding were about nil.

Ditko Letter One

Good for you, Steve Ditko, for making this kid’s day and for defying those odds.

Ditko Letter Two

What a great story from


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