How Many Good Guys Are Left? – Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer Hits HARD

Bracketing all things Star Wars, the most exciting news coming out of this year’s Comic Con for me was the release of the new Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer. Revealing more of the plot, more of the action, more of the characters and, well, just plan MORE, the new trailer is very well crafted and accomplishes a whole heck of a lot in its 3 minute and 11 second running time.


My impressions:

  • The DC Comics movie universe is NOT the Marvel Comics movie universe. My reflection here deserves a blog post unto itself but, suffice it to say that this new Batman V Superman trailer shows something the Marvel films don’t: consequences for the actions of the heroes. Superman’s fight with General Zod in Man of Steel all but destroyed Metropolis. Batman V Superman makes it clear that no one has forgotten what happened – least of all Bruce Wayne – and that Holly Hunter’s US Senator is at the forefront of holding Superman responsible for the tragedy. Who gets held responsible for any of the carnage in Marvel movies?
  • Ben Affleck is going to work as Batman. This is not a Batman we’ve seen on-screen before now. This is an old Batman who’s been at this for a long time. Affleck’s got a great look for the role.


  • I love the flashback to Man of Steel as Bruce Wayne watches the terrible carnage and then looks (we presume) at Superman flying away from it.
  • Jeremy Irons is going to be an excellent Alfred.
  • It’s very cool to hear Laurence Fishburne’s Perry White say “Clark Kent” and “Batman” in the same sentence!
  • Henry Cavill has a great Clark Kent look.
  • Ma Kent is just as tough as Pa Kent was – “You don’t owe this world anything!”
  • Jesse Eisenberg is going to be a very different Lex Luthor than his predecessors in the role.
  • Luthor has General Zod’s body!
  • Did we all notice Robin is dead in prior to the film’s beginning – likely at the hands of the Joker (“Joke’s on you Batman!”)

Robin Costume

  • The sequences of Batman in his “mecha-suit” getting ready to face Superman are really, really cool.
  • Why is there a scene in the water if not to introduce Aquaman?
  • We get another retelling of the origin of Batman. Do we need it?
  • Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman is not going to get pushed around.
  • Batman’s desert suit looks inspired by the great alternate history of Superman story Red Son.
  • Kryptonite and Luthor!
  • The battle scenes between Batman and Superman (and Wonder Woman – is she trying to stop the fight?) really work!
  • “The red capes are coming!”
  • And the final shot of the trailer, Superman and Batman facing off after the Man of Steel has ripped the top off the Batmobile is stunning.


  • Superman didn’t speak a single line of dialogue in the trailer. Not one.

All-in-all, I think this trailer is terrific and shows the potential of the film. I am hoping for greatness here as I was from Avengers (and we got it!) and from Green Lantern (we didn’t!) and all the films of varying quality in between.

If you haven’t seen the trailer… take a look!



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