Ant-Man… No Room For The Wasp, Huh?

Scott and Hope

Evangeline Lilly teaches Paul Rudd a thing or two about throwing a punch.

If you’ve seen Ant-Man, Marvel Studios’ latest offering , you know that it is a fun movie and a very different take on the superhero tropes than we’ve seen Marvel’s films to date. I’ve seen it referred to, in a number of places, as Marvel’s 11 after the terrific George Clooney heist movie Ocean’s Eleven and, while Ant-Man is attempting to stake out a corner of the Marvel movie universe distinct from the one inhabited by Iron Man, Captain America and Thor, an essay by Allyson Johnson on the terrific website points out that it has one thing very much in common with all the other Marvel films: female characters taking a back seat to male characters.

Johnson’s points are pretty hard to refute.

You can read her article HERE. There ARE SPOILERS in this article, so wait until you’ve seen the movie to read it or, if you don’t plan on seeing Ant-Man (which would be your loss) but have seen other Marvel movies, dive right in. It’s really interesting stuff.

My own review of Ant-Man will follow soon…



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