And There Came A New Trek!

My good friend, The Leadership Guru was the first to send me notice of this news which makes him the Admiral of Leadership from here on out!

2016 marks 50 years since Star Trek premiered. The 13th movie in the franchise, Star Trek Beyond will open in 2016 and continue the story of Captain Kirk, Commander Spock and the crew of the USS Enterprise in the JJ Abrams rebooted Star Trek universe.

star trek delta

But, in 2017, Star Trek will return to its roots: television. A brand new Star Trek tv show will be unveiled on a brand new service: CBS All Access, a new streaming service that CBS is launching. The new Star Trek will be the cornerstone offering.

This is not the first time that a Star Trek series has been planned as the major offering of a new network. In the 1970s, Paramount Pictures planned to launch a new network and developed Star Trek: Phase IIWhen that network didn’t get off the ground, Phase II was famously re-purposed as Star Trek the Motion Picture. Additionally, Star Trek Voyager was the centerpiece of the UPN Network and Star Trek Enterprise was a major offering of that network as well.

Star Trek and Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer Alex Kurtzman will serve as executive producer for the new series, which will be based on new ideas and characters not tied directly to the recent movies.

No plot or casting details have been offered about the show, but CBS promises they will treat the property in a “world class” manner.

I should certainly hope so!


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