DENVER BRONCOS WEEK TEN – Denver at Chicago, November 22, 2015

Denver Broncos (7-2)


Chicago Bears (4-5)


broncos logo




I am not a sports writer and that’s a good thing. I don’t have to be objective and try to distill the events of the past seven days.


I don’t want to relive how hard it was to watch Peyton Manning last week and what an odd turn this season has taken. The Denver Broncos are 7-2 and it feels like they are 2-7. They have a virtual hammerlock on the division and it feels like they may not make the playoffs.

It’s just a difficult week. I think I’ll be able to say more next week.

I think…




Both the key match up and the x-factor are the same this week: Brock Osweiler. No one can answer the question of how well he will fare. No one can really say if he does fit Gary Kubiak’s offense better than Peyton Manning. No one knows.

He’s the x-factor. If we’re celebrating first downs like touch downs, that’s going to be a problem…


Defense travels. The Bears are terrible against the run. Osweiler has had a lot of practice throughout the year with the first team. Things could go well. I hope they do.

This is a very soft, very confused prediction.

Denver Broncos 23

Chicago Bears 20 



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