NFL Playoffs 2016 – Divisional Weekend, January 16 – 17, 2016



Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

Is New England healthy enough to stand up to a dominant Kansas City defense? Are the Chiefs, the hottest team in the AFC, ready to continue a roll that begins to look historic? This is a really good playoff match up and the game should be highly entertaining. Though I think the Chiefs have a chance against the Patriots, I find it very, very hard to pick against the Patriots – especially a team that looks to be as healthy as it has been in months.

Kansas City 17   New England 31

Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals

Of all the games this weekend, this one seems to be the most lopsided. The Cardinals should be able to take care of this Packers team which, bracketing its win last week over Washington, has looked out-of-sync all year. However, can we really overlook Green Bay’s Wild Card performance? The Pack looked Pack-like last week. I think that result was more about an inexperienced Washington team against a better Packers team. This week is a whole different story. Green Bay goes down. Hard.

Green Bay 17   Arizona 38

 Seattle Seahawks at Carolina Panthers

The Seahawks are looking like the team that has represented the NFC in the last two Super Bowls but the Panthers have been the team to beat in the conference all year long. The Panthers seem to be a complete team. Cam Newton has simply been incredible of late, but so has Russell Wilson. This one is going to be close but, if Carolina is ready to take the next step in their evolution, they should win it.

Seattle 23    Carolina 27

  Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos

I’ve made an in depth prediction on this one (of course).

Pittsburgh 17   Denver 27

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