Star Trek at 50 Years – Week Five BY THE NUMBERS

Star Trek Celebrates 50 Years


To commemorate 50 years of boldly going where no one has gone before, And There Came A Day presents a weekly countdown to September 8, 2016 – 50 years to the day of the premiere of Star Trek.

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With Star Trek Beyond set to open later this year, somewhere around 2 hours of new Star Trek adventures will be added to an already impressive total of filmed Star Trek.

How impressive? Here is Star Trek by the numbers (and I didn’t know this stuff off the top of my head – I had to look it up!)


TOS logo

Star Trek : 79 episodes – 3,950 minutes

TAS logo

Star Trek The Animated Series : 33 episodes – 660 minutes

TNG logo

Star Trek The Next Generation :  176 episodes – 7,744 minutes

DS9 logo

Star Trek Deep Space Nine : 173 episodes – 7,785 minutes

VOY logo

Star Trek Voyager : 170 episodes – 7,650 minutes


Star Trek Enterprise : 98 episodes – 4,116 minutes

MOV logo

Star Trek movies : 13 movies – 1,397 minutes



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