Denver Broncos Super Season 2015 Memories II

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As we anxiously await the kickoff to Super Bowl 50, I wanted to reflect on this crazy year for the Denver Broncos – a year unlike any I can remember – and share a few highlights of the season that was…

Broncos Bits 50 – 36

Hard to know what is going to happen in Super Bowl 50, but I do know this, this football team has provided far, far more excitement and fun than pain over my over 40 year love obsession with the team. Here are some of my favorite memories of the Denver Broncos...

classic logo50 – The Morton to Moses Connection – Even as a kid, I knew that Craig Morton and Haven Moses were special. They are certainly not the greatest QB/Wide Out combination in Denver Broncos history, but I remember them very, very fondly.

49 – John Elway signs in Denver – What I really remember of this (I was 13 at the time) is that my father simply deplored the idea that this kid could force his way out of the team that drafted him.

48 – Games at Mile High Stadium – I don’t have a count, but I am sure that I must have attended over a dozen games as a kid at the old Mile High Stadium. That was a special, special place.

47 – The Mississippi Mud Stomp – I really loved Sammy Winder and his touchdown celebration!

46 – Bronco games on my birthday – Having a December birthday, the team often played on that day. As I remember it, they lost more often than they won, but having a game on my birthday was always fun.

3 amigos45 – The Three Amigos Certainly Ricky Nattiel, Vance Johnson and Mark Jackson weren’t the most talented wide receivers the Broncos have ever had, but they were a lot of fun.

44 – Riding home from Bronco games during the first Super Bowl run – My parents had season tickets for years before the Broncos fielded a competitive team. During the magical run to their first Super Bowl, we would ride home from games with doors to the paneled van wide open, horns blaring, screaming “we’re Number 1!”

45 – Watching Karl Mecklenburg Was there any position on the defense Meck didn’t play?

44 – Meeting Steve Watson – I think wide out Steve Watson was the first professional athlete I ever met. I will never forget just how big his hands were.

43 – Tickets to the games – When my father decided he had had enough of fighting traffic and crowds to go to Bronco games and when I was established enough as an adult to (kind of) afford the tickets, Dad passed them on to me. I intend to pass them on to stretch.

42 – The last game at Mile High – Somehow, we got a handful of tickets to the last game at Mile High Stadium and a group went and enjoyed the spectacle. And it absolutely was a spectacle. 

2015-09-17 21.47.1241 – 2015 Week Two – Bradley Roby’s fumble return for a touchdown this past season set the tone for the subsequent 14 games… Nothing would be particularly easy for this team this year.

40 – Tim Tebow – It’s difficult to describe how fun (and crazy) the Tim Tebow year was… actually, it’s impossible. 

39 – Peyton Manning’s 509th TD – What a year, what a moment, what a game to be at!

38 – The Turner Touchdown – Signature moment for a signature season for the team.

37 – The Chicago Bears Lose in Denver – I was there (with Sous Chef) for the improbable, almost impossible come back win against the Bears when all that had to happen was running out the clock. It was Tebow’s year, so, of course, the Bears couldn’t run out the clock.

36 – Super Bowl XXXIII –  Yes, the Broncos were supposed to dominate in this game. Yes, they did. 




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