Denver Broncos Super Season 2015 Memories III

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As we anxiously await the kickoff to Super Bowl 50, I wanted to reflect on this crazy year for the Denver Broncos – a year unlike any I can remember – and share a few highlights of the season that was…

Broncos Bits 35 – 21

Hard to know what is going to happen in Super Bowl 50, but I do know this, this football team has provided far, far more excitement and fun than pain over my over 40 year love obsession with the team. Here are some of my favorite memories of the Denver Broncos...

The trade35 – Champ Bailey Comes to Denver – I knew when the Denver Broncos made the incredible trade for Champ Bailey that it was a big deal. What a terrific addition he was to the Broncos.

34 – Demaryius Thomas and Tim Tebow beat the Steelers – I’ve been to some pretty incredible live sporting events in Denver. This was one of the biggest and watching Thomas streak down the field for the overtime touchdown in the playoffs was electrifying. 

33 – Terrell Davis Getting 2000 yards As one more measure of how good the 1997 and 1998 Broncos were, they got Terrell Davis 2000 yards when they really didn’t need to do so. It was just another accomplishment of a tremendous run.

32 – Who Do They Play Next Week? – This isn’t a great memory but it’s a fun one. After the Broncos lost to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the 1996 Playoffs (in a game in which they were heavy favorites) my then sister-in-law asked me “Who do they play next week?” Ouch! Needless to say, she wasn’t a big football fan.

31 – Jake Plummer As far as I am concerned, there is no Bronco who deserves more and gets less recognition than Jake Plummer. I loved 16 – his energy, his fire, his antics. And this is a guy who, in what some might say was his prime, simply walked away from the game. How.

30 – Ed McCaffrey’s Block in Super Bowl XXXII If you’re a Bronco fan, you know what I am talking about.

29 – “We Are Killing the Patriots!” – Shannon Sharpe said some ridiculous things during his time in Denver, including calling for the National Guard to assist the Patriots in a one sided victory against the team.

28 – Mike Anderson – Remember Mike Anderson? This guy came out of nowhere following the likes of Terrell Davis to look like a dominant running back.

27 – Steve Atwater – Will this guy get in the Pro Football Hall of Fame this weekend? He absolutely should.

26 – Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak at My School – On more than one occasion, I ran into Mike Shanahan and Gary Kubiak at high school football games at the school at which I taught – (I also saw Demaryius Thomas and Eddie Royal throwing the ball around with the kids after a game as well) and that was pretty special.

25 – Taking Dad to Invesco Field at Mile High  – Though he didn’t love the new venue, I loved taking my dad out to see a game during the 2001 season at the facility. I remember the night for three reasons: I was there with Dad, Ed McCaffrey suffered a terrible injury and the game was played on September 10, 2001…

24 – Otis Armstrong – Though I don’t know why, I DO know I loved Armstrong. Loved him.

23 – Peyton Manning RUNS for a touchdown Remember the time Peyton Manning went around the left side at Texas Stadium when DeMarcus Ware (then a cowboy) sunk too far inside for a touchdown? That was a fun moment. I don’t think Peyton will run for a touchdown during Super Bowl 50.

22 – Bronco Action Figures Yes, I own them. I own them all.

21 – Von Miller There is something worth noting about a guy who could have (and, seemingly, was trying to) thrown his career away with immaturity and bad choices pulling himself together to become a character, a star and someone for whom to cheer.


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