Star Trek at 50 Years – Week Seven: Star Trek the Ultimate Voyage

Star Trek Celebrates 50 Years


To commemorate 50 years of boldly going where no one has gone before, And There Came A Day presents a weekly countdown to September 8, 2016 – 50 years to the day of the premiere of Star Trek.

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Things are begin to heat up for the 50th anniversary celebration of Star Trek and I, for one, am very excited that Star Trek: The Ultimate Voyage is coming to Denver on April 28, 2016!

Star Trek Concert

According to the official website, “the lavish production will include an impressive live symphony orchestra and international special solo instruments. Fans of all backgrounds and ages will experience the franchise’s groundbreaking and wildly popular musical achievements as footage of the most-iconic moments from Star Trek features and episodes is simultaneously beamed in high definition to a 40-foot-wide big screen. The concert will feature some of the greatest music written for the franchise, including music from The Original Series, The Motion Picture, The Wrath of Khan, The Voyage Home, Insurrection, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and much more.

Need to see it to believe it:

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