May I Suggest a New Holy Week/Easter Tradition: The Way

Represented for your consideration as we enter the Triduum.

And There Came a Day...

The Way

May I suggest that anyone looking for a film to get them in the mood to experience a peaceful and reflective Triduum and Holy Week, look no further than Emilio Estevez’s The Way. Estevez directed his father, Martin Sheen, in this small movie that opened in 2010 and remained in theaters far longer than an independent movie such as this one should have.  The Way tells the story of Tom, a widower optometrist played by Martin Sheen, who is estranged from his son Daniel, who appears – via flashback – in a performance by Emilio Estevez.

The reasons for the father and son estrangement are never made fully clear to the audience. Chalk it up to dad wanting son to settle into a traditional career path and son wanting to follow his own, well, way through life. Prior to the beginning of the film, and this is no…

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