Batman v Superman v Reviews PART 2 of 3

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Here are THREE MORE prevalent comments about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with which I disagree:

4. Superman doesn’t do anything to stop a terrorist attack or react to it

Superman CapitolComplaining about this “problem” and citing it as an example of Superman’s lack of heroism misses a major point of the movie. Superman admits to Lois he didn’t hear the bomb and, in a telling moment, admits why: he wasn’t listening for it. Through events in Batman v Superman, Superman comes to understand that, if he’s going to be a hero, he’s obligated to listen and to react. He cannot let his priorities and desires get in the way of being a hero. He says as much to Lois before he has an encounter (not a dream, but a memory) with his father telling him a story about the consequences of acting and of being too proud of oneself for being a hero. Superman missing the bomb is unfortunate. It’s a tragedy. It reminds the hero that his responsibilities are different than everyone else’s. This is also a good thematic moment for the film as it underscores Luthor as reprehensible villain and Superman as developing hero.

And, as for not reacting after the bomb explodes, there wasn’t really much Superman could do for those who were incinerated, was there?

5. The “reveals” of Wonder Woman, the Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg are poorly handled

LexCorp_Meta_Human_dataI just flat out disagree with this argument. I disagree with the idea that Bruce Wayne looking through Luthor’s computer files and his sending them on to Wonder Woman (along with that very cool photo of her [and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor] in 1918) for her review is silly. I’ve seen the sequences described as “Batman emails Wonder Woman You Tube videos” and derided as dumb. Again, I disagree. I LOVE the idea of Lex Luthor knowing about these heroes before they’ve fully revealed themselves. It makes him all the more dangerous and of which other metahumans (referring to the “Metahuman Thesis” he and Senator Finch discuss) does Luthor have knowledge? Other heroines and heroes? Members of the Suicide Squad? Reviewers mention that this reveal is either boring or poorly placed (or both) in the movie. Perhaps people would have liked these, too, as post credit sequences. Okay, fine. But to say these sequences are poor is just not true – though if someone mentioned the Dr. Pepper product placement in the Cyborg scene as being more than a bit distracting, I would be inclined to agree.

6. Lex Luthor’s plan makes no sense

LuthorLet me see if I’ve got this straight. One of the most intelligent men in the world is confronted by the fact that powerful aliens who could destroy the world not only exist but live among us. He’s seen the results of their battle, lost property in that battle and wants to ensure that a battle like this never happens again. He’s also been programmed from childhood to fear those with power. So, as Superman begins to do good acts all over the world, Luthor begins to plan. His plans are simultaneous, manipulative and ambitious. He helps create (I believe) the Metahuman Thesis. He uncovers all he can about metahumans and vigilantes – including their secret identities. He notes that Bruce Wayne, who he knows to be Batman, has lost property and people to Black Zero event and begins to manipulate him, hoping to cause a conflict between Batman and Superman. After having the Kryptonian crash sites searched, he discovers something that can kill Superman. He tries to obtain it legally. When he cannot, he steals it. As Superman’s public approval rises, he arranges an incident in Africa (placing Lois Lane in jeopardy) to cause the public to again question the Man of Steel. He arranges to take possession of Kryptonian artifacts (including General Zod’s body) in Metropolis. He both experiments on Zod and learns an incredible amount from the Kryptonian technology – including how to create a weapon to destroy Superman if he cannot manipulate Batman into doing so. Once Batman steals the Kryptonite, Luthor likely advances both his research into other ways to deal with Superman and his plan to force Batman to kill Superman. He blows up the US Capitol further turning opinion against Superman while also solidifying Batman’s apprehension of him. He puts Superman in the position of having to confront Batman by kidnapping Superman’s mother. And, when that doesn’t work, he unleashes Doomsday, a creation that he didn’t fully activate until after Batman fails to kill Superman.

What did I miss? Makes sense to me. I love this plan, I love the wheels-within-wheels aspect of it. I love that the knowledge Lex Luthor gains from the Kryptonian Archives seems to leave him more unhinged than he already was.

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