Batman v Superman v Reviews PART 3 of 3

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Here are the final prevalent comments about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with which I disagree (and a few valid complaints with which I completely agree):

7. The “Martha” connection is just silly

battleHmmmm… Batman is shown, time-and-again thinking and dreaming about his mother, reflecting on his father’s last word -“Martha” -and standing before his mother’s crypt. When he is about to kill Superman and Superman says “Martha… help me save Martha,” why doesn’t it make perfect sense that this name would give Batman pause? Why is it so silly to think that word wouldn’t break Batman, even momentarily, out of his rage?

It does make sense. From the opening montage of the Waynes’ murder, we’ve been led to this moment.

Some also complain that Superman would say “help me save my mother” as opposed to “Martha.” I suggest that “Martha” was the word in Superman’s head from his confrontation with Lex Luthor (who says “Martha” about 20 times during that conversation) and that he has a sense that “help me save my mother” would not have the impact of “help me save Martha.”

He does know Bruce Wayne is Batman. He likely knows that Martha is, in fact, Batman’s mother’s name as well.

8. Someone else should have killed Doomsday

doomsdaySuperman knows that Doomsday is his responsibility. Doomsday is a Kryptonian creation after all. He is responsible for him. He doesn’t know Wonder Woman. Though he’s battled side-by-side with her (for all of about 5 minutes), he cannot fully know her abilities. He cannot fully trust her. The idea that there is one shot to take Doomsday down and it involves Batman’s Kryptonite spear and Superman should have handed that spear to someone else makes no sense to me. In fact, it’s far more heroic (and Superman-like) for him to have done exactly what he does: sacrifice himself to save the day.

I can only imagine the response had Superman stopped and said “hey, Wonder Woman (or whoever you are), can you take this spear and kill that guy for me?”

You can argue whether the Doomsday coda in the movie is unnecessary but I don’t think it’s fair to say, once it was clear the spear had to be used, that Superman should have handed it to someone else.

Utterly fair complaints with which I completely agree

  • There’s not enough clarity given to the idea that Superman gets blamed for the African incident. He’s there. He saves Lois. People die – by gunshot. What exactly happened? Do people believe that Superman shot people or that his very presence there created the incident? A few more lines of dialogue may well have cleared this up.
  • I like the character of Secretary Stanwick and I like the idea that Lois is investigating the African incident, but I cannot help but thinking that these scenes don’t serve any other purpose than to give Lois something to do. I think the movie might play just fine without them.
  • Though I love the initial confrontation between Superman and Batman when the Batmobile goes skittering of the Man of Steel’s leg, shouldn’t Superman have done something about the car chase and the gun battle going on immediately before he lands in front of Batman? Didn’t he see/ hear that going on? Couldn’t he have figured out a way to stop Luthor’s goons and Batman?
  • I understand why Lois Lane was present for the Doomsday Battle. Her being there adds sadness and drama but creates two significant problems: first, to give her something to do the filmmakers have her realize out of nowhere and with no context that the spear is going to be key to the battle with Doomsday – a battle she has no knowledge of. It would have been so easy to fix this! Have her see on her cellphone that the creature came from the crashed Kryptonian ship. Let her make a logical leap. There just seems to be some connective tissue missing here. Second, why put Lois in jeopardy in that scene? That simply doesn’t have to happen and distracts from the main action (however, if Superman hearing Lois’ struggles was intended to contrast with the cut scene of Superman trying to zero in on Martha’s cries for help which he is apparently unable to do, the entire sequence might have reason for being there). Having Lois in danger here and having Superman save her for the third time in the film severely undercuts the idea that she is an independent woman who can watch out for herself. Rather she seems a damsel in distress. Unfortunate.

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