The 2016 Denver Broncos – Week Two: Indianapolis @ Denver

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Indianapolis Colts @ Denver Broncos

Sunday, September 18, 2016




manning-coltsIt sometimes seems that one team has another team’s “number” as it were. In recent seasons, the Denver Broncos have been very successful against more opponents than they’ve failed against, but that equation has not held up in terms of the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have gone 3-1 (including playoffs) against the Broncos in recent years, a record significantly above how they have performed against other competition, and it’s hard to put a finger on why. The Cinnamon Girl would suggest it was the Manning factor and I think she’s right. There is no other reason that the Colts (really an inferior team overall in recent years) should have experienced such success against the Broncos.

Does Sunday flip this recent script? I think it does.


marshallBrandon Marshall has made headlines this week with his actions during the National Anthem last Thursday night and his comments and steps afterwards. On Sunday afternoon, he will have to make headlines on the field. He has to match up against Andrew Luck mentally and physically. He has to get Denver into the correct defenses. He has to out quarterback the Colts star quarterback. If Marshall does so, the Denver Broncos will beat the Indianapolis Colts, likely handily.


siemianI don’t know what to say here. We have to continue to watch Trevor Siemian and his performance as the Broncos’ quarterback. Though he kept his cool last week, especially when the Broncos were down 10 and the offense wasn’t moving the ball. The fact that he seems unflappable may be his be most “quarterback-y” quality. He also tossed two interceptions, neither a particularly good ball. One of the ways the Colts can stay with the Broncos is if the Broncos turn the ball over. They cannot do this again this week. Siemian cannot do this again this week.


sanders-coltsDenver is Number 8 in the ESPN poll? Number 8?!?! Wow. That’s pretty stunning and my guess is I am not the only one stunned by this. A defending Super Bowl champion beats the team that many had Number 1 in their power polls is the 8th best team in the league? C’Mon. I suspect the Broncos locker room has this message plastered all over. I suspect the team will feed on the perception of disrespect.

This game is more important than last week. This is a conference game against a team that has taken it to the Broncos of late. This is a game the Broncos win. 2 – 0 is coming…

COLTS   23    BRONCOS  31



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