The 2016 Denver Broncos – Week Three: Denver @ Cincinnati

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Denver Broncos @ Cincinnati Bengals

Sunday, September 25, 2016

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22_bengalsbroncos_newsThese two teams met in the playoffs last year in a battle back-up quarterbacks which was decided by a last minute play be the Denver defense. Sound familiar?

When I looked at the schedule this summer, I was pretty sure this one would be a loss. Cincinnati is a perennial regular season powerhouse and Denver simply doesn’t play well on Sunday mornings (MST). However, defense travels and is the great equalizer and Denver has looked the better team in the first two weeks of the season so a Denver win is not out of the question.


NFL: DEC 01 Broncos at ChiefsWill Chris Harris, jr. shadow A.J. Green all day or will the defensive back depend on where the star wide receiver lines up in the formation? Either way, if Denver can have success limiting the dynamic Green, the odds tip greatly in the Broncos’ favor. The Bengals haven’t been able to run the ball with great effectiveness thus far this season (I am hopeful that doesn’t change Sunday), and, if the cannot run and cannot get the ball to Green, the cannot beat the Broncos.


siemianThe Trevor Siemian watch continues. He’s been steady. He’s been calm. He’s been solid. He’s turned the ball over but only in “plus” territory. He’s got a good arm and good legs. Is he the answer for years to come? I don’t know. I don’t think so simply because he’s too steady and too calm but, is he good enough this season? Well, if he wins this Sunday in his first road start against a team many have picked to be in the Super Bowl, I’ll take him out of the X-Factor category next week. Promise.


miller-daltonDenver is 2 – 0. The Bengals are 1 – 1. Denver looks to be the better team, looks to have the more complete team and looks to have utterly avoided any kind of Super Bowl hangover. That said, this is a challenging game for the Broncos. Cincy is very good. They lost last week in fairly ignominious fashion and don’t figure to put up back-to-back bad performances. I can see Denver winning this one, but I think the odds and the mojo favor Cincinnati.

Bengals in a close one.



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