DVerDict: Pitch – RECORD; Hope to Watch

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Pitch has an awful lot going for it. Lead actor Kylie Burnbury is very good, likely to be one of the breakout stars of this new television season. The premise – a woman pitcher breaking the “gender bar” in Major League Baseball – seems timely. The cooperation of the aforementioned MLB in the production makes the show look good. Burnbury’s Ginny Baker is not pitching for the San Diego Friars or some-such concocted organization, she’s pitching for the Padres, going up against the Los Angeles Dodgers. The show has terrific production values.

Because it’s 2016, no television show seems able to let its narrative unfold in a straightforward fashion and Pitch is no different on this score. The story unfolds in series of flashbacks that inform the audience of some of Ginny’s path to the majors. Clearly the device will be a major part of the show going forward and that’s fine. The flashbacks work.

Also because it’s 2016 and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, there is what seems to be a requisite twist at the end of the pilot. The twist works, but (and this is not specifically a Pitch issue) are we as an audience not now looking for these kinds of things? Surely we are. The Cinnamon Girl predicted the twist before the reveal.

Pitch is solid. It has a charismatic star and a great cast. If you love baseball, you’ll love the show. We’ll record it, but I can see it staying in the DVR, passed over for other fare for awhile.

PITCH airs on Thursdays on FOX.



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