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timless.jpgTimeless has a pretty compelling premise: a madman (or is he) has stolen an experimental, state-of-the-art, secret time machine and is going into the past, wrecking havoc in his wake at critical moments of American history (the Hindenburg crash, the assassination of President Lincoln, etc.). In order to stop him, the government, none too thrilled to discover that an Elan Musk type billionaire has time travel technology in the first place, puts together a team to follow our madman (or is he) in a prototype time machine into the past to thwart his nefarious intentions (if they are nefarious).

The team consists of an historian (played by the charismatic Abigail Spencer), a military man (played with too much squared-jawed, quipping smart ass-ness by Matt Lanter) and a pilot (played by the engaging Malcolm Barrett). The team is assembled in a fashion right out of a Michael Crichton novel – and that’s a good thing.

Quick paced, lavishly produced and perfectly fun, Timeless is a nice slice of science fiction and, if you’re reading all these reviews I’ve been writing, you’ll sense a theme, has enough characters hiding enough secrets to keep things interesting beyond the daring-do.

My only problem was narratives that deal with time travel must have some kind of internal logic and rules. Timeless does establish some of this, which is good, but does so after it has left open a science fiction plot hole big enough to pull a multi-verse through. I am trying to forgive that, Timeless, because I want to like you.

Hey, I do like you. Just don’t do it again.

TIMELESS airs on Mondays on NBC.



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