The 2016 Denver Broncos – Week Six: Denver @ San Diego

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Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers

Thursday, October 13, 2016



siemian-shoulderSunday, Paxton Lynch started for the Broncos. Things did not go well. Thursday, Trevor Siemian, sore shoulder and all, will be back in the line up for the team and all anticipate smoother sailing for the offensive against the Chargers.

It is hard to find positives when the team loses, but lost in the story of the game Sunday was the fact that the defense, though gashed by talented running backs and clever schemes by the Falcons, gave up only 23 points to a team that was averaging 38. Good sign.

Also a good sign is that the team didn’t quit, coming within a touchdown in a game that looked as though it could get away from them.

The Broncos will be without Gary Kubiak this week. Their coach is recuperating for a complex migraine. The team is dedicating this game to him. That could and likely will cause a headache for the Chargers.





It is hard to understand how the Chargers have been in any game this year, much less all of their games, with the injuries they’ve sustained. The reason they have been competitive? Phillip Rivers, the old Broncos’ nemesis.

Rivers is the QB that Broncos fans most love to hate and they will get their opportunity this month as the team plays the Chargers 2 out of the next 3 weeks.

Contain Rivers and the Chargers have little chance of winning. Give him time, scores and confidence, and the Chargers can make a game out of this one. The Broncos have owned the Chargers in recent years. They have gotten in Rivers’ head. If the defensive line can get a push up the middle, they should win this game, perhaps even handily.


greenVirgil Green may not be what the rest of the league considers an elite tight end, but the Broncos’ offensive has sure looked different and less effective without him in the line up the last few weeks. Green returns (as does Donald Stephanson) and that bodes well in three ways: pass protecting, the short pass game and the run game. If two of those three areas are better for the Broncos Thursday night, they should win the game.

It would be great to see Green get into the end zone as well.


color-rush-helmetI didn’t see the loss coming last Sunday. The Falcons looked very good. The Broncos not so much. Can the boys in all orange (I am kind of looking forward to the Color Rush thing – especially the helmets!) rebound against the Chargers? There are a couple ways to view this. The Broncos have won 9 of the last 10 against the Chargers. The Chargers have found new and creative ways to lose this year. Is it time for these trends to reverse themselves and for the Chargers to get a win against the Broncos?

Possibly, but not likely.

I like the Broncos in the short week coming off their first loss in their last 9 games. I like them in San Diego which typically feels like a home game for the Broncos there are so many Denver fans in the area.

Frankly, I think the Chargers are too beaten up to overcome the Broncos.

But there are good enough to keep it close…




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