The 2016 Denver Broncos – Week Nine: Denver @ Oakland

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Denver Broncos @ Oakland Raiders

Sunday, November 6, 2016



robySo this is a big one and I am very excited for it. I think the NFL is better when Denver and Oakland are at each others’ throats. In recent years, this match up has been less than competitive. Oakland has been down for so long, a whole generation of football fans have grown up thinking of the team as a doormat. Is this the year that changes?

According to tie-breaker math, Oakland is in first place in the AFC West and Denver is looking up at them. When is the last time that happened?

Denver beat San Diego last week in what has become typical fashion for them: the offense didn’t generate enough to pull away and didn’t screw up enough to sink the defense. I think that formula may not work as well Sunday. Oakland can score. Quickly. Can they score on this Denver defense? Yes. Enough to beat Denver? That remains to be seen.


harris-tdThe Denver defense is a monster. Statistically, in key categories, it’s even better than it was last year. I am not sure Oakland is the biggest test it will face this year (Atlanta is pretty darn good – and Denver lost to Atlanta), but it’s in the top three. If the Denver defense can control the Oakland scoring machine, Denver has a very good chance to win this game. If, however, Oakland gets the ball going on the ground, they are capable of hanging 30 on most teams. Can they do so against Denver?


derekcarrDenver is facing Derek Carr, a quarterback they’ve handled very, very well throughout the kid’s career. Carr has under-performed against Denver in each game he’s play against the team. Denver is looking to repeat the type of defensive effort that has led to frustration for Oakland’s number 4.

Carr is a realistic part of the MVP conversation in recent weeks. If he remains a part of that conversation after the game Sunday, Denver will have lost.


madden-raiders-broncosSunday Night Football. Division match up. First place in the AFC West is on the line. It doesn’t get a lot more fun than this.

Denver is favored in this game and I bet that bothers high flying Oakland. Oakland has been a Denver walk over for quite a while. This is clearly the biggest game of the season for Oakland.

Frankly, it’s the biggest game of the season for Denver, too. Beat Oakland and Denver is in the drivers seat (for a while) in the division. Lose to Oakland and it’s kicking and screaming time. Winning Sunday night would take a little pressure off Denver’s New Years Day game against Oakland.

It’s going to be close. It could go either way. As ever, make mine Denver.

  BRONCOS   26          RAIDERS  23            



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