Allied – A Movie Review

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alliedposterBrad Pitt can stare. He can stare with very steely eyes.

He’s so good at it, in fact, he seems to think that staring out of steely eyes is the only acting he needs to do throughout the movie Allied. So it’s all the acting he does.

Marion Cotillard’s performance is far better and far more nuanced than Pitt’s but it cannot save the movie. She’s very good. The movie is very bad.

It’s fairly shocking, actually, that the movie is as bad as it is. Pitt is normally very good. The teaming of him and Cotillard seems a match made in movie heaven. Robert Zemeckis is a great director. The story ought to be involving.

It’s not.

If I was a guy that walked out of movies, I would have left Allied during the first reel. The story was muddled, did not engage me as a viewer and felt far too movie-of-the-week-y for a motion picture like this. And, while the second act was better, the bar was set so low by the first, that this comment should be read with damning as faint praise.

Allied is supposed to be a thriller with twists and turns that keep the audience guessing. Is Cotillard a spy? Is she not? Will Pitt follow through on his order to kill her if she is revealed as a German operative? How will the setting of World War II – and inherently compelling setting, influence the proceedings? How will all of this resolve itself?

Unsatisfyingly, as it turns out. That’s how this movie resolves.

Truly happy the film was over when the credits rolled, I found myself saying “that was it?”

I was very much looking forward to Allied. I cannot recall a recent movie that let me down as much as this one. If not for Cotillard, this is a one star review. She pulls it up to two.

There are a lot better ways to spend your time and money at the movies. Skip Allied. 

ALLIED receives TWO STEELY PITT STARES out of a possible FIVE. 


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