The 2016 Denver Broncos – Week Sixteen: Denver @ Kansas City

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Denver Broncos @ Kansas City

Sunday, December 25, 2016



broncos-christmasIt’s a Christmas Day match up. It’s an AFC West rivalry. It’s the Broncos vs. the Chiefs.

This ought to be fun. This ought to be a good game.

Will Christmas night end with a present for all Bronco fans?

Yes, it will.

After holding a terrific offense in the New England Patriots to 16 points and losing the game, the Broncos’ defense will be on a mission to be sure that the less-than Patriot-like Chiefs don’t get the better of them this week. The defense did its job last Sunday and will do it again Christmas night.

They will even score.


sandersthomasThe Broncos’ offense vs. the Kansas City defense is the match up of the game and the result of this match up will decide the rest of the Broncos’ season. Win Sunday night and there is a very much improved shot at the playoffs. Lose and there is a highly increased likelihood of staying home for the tourney.

Denver has been, well, terrible on offense over the last few weeks. We read in the papers that they are a play away from breaking things open. Let’s see that play Sunday night.

Trevor Siemian had a great game against the Chiefs four weeks back. A repeat of that performance will win this game for the Broncos.


Broncos FootballJustin Forsett and the Broncos running game must, must, must produce. Of course, this means the Bronco coaches need to keep calling runs so it can. In turn, this means the Denver offense has to convert first downs.

Sensing a pattern?

If the Denver offense gets the running game going and can stay on the field, the Broncos will win this game. It’s a pretty simple equation. Run and convert. Manage the clock. Rest the defense. Force the Chiefs to take chances.

Win. The. Game.


keep-calmDenver will win Sunday night. Merry Christmas. They have to win Sunday night and they will come through.

The defense was fired up (at the offense) after last week’s loss. They remember that they allowed 14 unanswered points to lose to the Chiefs four weeks ago.

The offense must be embarrassed by their last three outings. They must channel that embarrassment into a season defining effort Sunday.

They need a season defining effort.

When the Broncos beat the Chiefs and the Raiders beat the Colts, the Raiders will clinch the AFC West. The Broncos cannot win the division. Having the Raiders win it means Oakland may well rest starters in Week Seventeen – starters including the injured Derek Carr. This would make Denver’s game against them much more winnable.

Denver beats the Chiefs Sunday.

Will this win combined with other results in the NFL put them back in the 6th seed for the playoffs?

  BRONCOS   20  CHIEFS  13     


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