The 2016 Denver Broncos – Week Seventeen: Oakland @ Denver

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Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos

Sunday, January 1, 2017

 Oakland at Denver



broncos-helmetFor the last five years, this weekend has been pretty exciting for Denver Bronco fans. It’s been about positioning and playoff seeding. It’s been about health. It’s been about the tournament.

This year, it’s about next year. And, hey, that’s okay. As a good friend of mine (Dan Haley) wrote on Facebook this week “Bronco fans, we’ve been spoiled. Five straight division titles. Three Lombardi trophies. More wins than any football franchise in past 40 years. But we’re a fan base — with an ownership — that demands excellence.” He’s completely right. We demand excellence and we’ve had it.

We want it again in 2017…

I think we’ll get it.


lynchWe are going to see at least 3 quarterbacks play Sunday. The Broncos will start 13, will turn to 12 before the end of the first half (I would guess). The Raiders will play Matt McGloin. Wow. What could make me feel bad for the Raiders?

Matt. McGloin.

I want to see some classic Denver/Oakland match ups in 2017 and beyond. Those match ups will involve Derek Carr. Von Miller. Khalil Mack. The No Fly Zone. They likely won’t involve Matt McGloin…



talibI believe Denver’s mood is the X-Factor. After getting smoked out of the playoffs by the Chiefs last week (Merry Christmas!), will they come together and put on a spoiler show against the Raiders or are they more concerned about tee times.

As we’ve not seen the team in this position for years, I really don’t know how this plays out.

I do know this team had heart last year… will it show Sunday? They can drop the Raiders 4 playoff spots if they beat them.


classic logoDenver will beat Oakland Sunday to finish with a winning record, though not the record Denver fans and the team itself wanted.

Hey, to quote Aaron Rodgers R-E-L-A-X. Did I want to be in the playoffs? Yes. Did I wan to avoid being listed on the “Super Bowl Champions Who Don’t Make the Playoffs the Next Year” List? Yes. Am I disappointed. Yes.

BUT this year marks Kansas City’s first back-to-back playoff appear in 21 years. It marks Oakland’s first playoff appearance since 2002.

We’ve been spoiled, Danny, indeed.

But, get us back in next year, John Elway. Denver’s next big challenge is the off season. Win it, Duke. Win it.

   RAIDERS 20   BRONCOS   24  


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