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Link’n’Blogs – 2.16.18: Everything You Need to Know about Black Panther

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I loved Lincoln Logs when I was a kid. Though I never entertained the idea that I would be a designer, engineer or architect, something about putting together these wooden and plastic pieces was simply simple fun. Connecting to ideas through the blogosphere seems similar to this pursuit, hence the title of this weekly post. Each Friday, I intend to post something interesting I’ve read out there on the internets. Hopefully others will find these posts as thought provoking as I have.

If the hype machine is to be trusted (it isn’t typically, but I hope it is in this case), Black Panther is the best of the Marvel movies to date. That would be very cool as he is also one of the least known of the Marvel characters to receive a film. Get ready for the movie with Cosmopolitan’s all you need to know about the Black Panther by clicking T’Challa (do you know what that is?) below…

Black Panther Kirby


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