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Countdown to ENDGAME | Iron Man II

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ONE A WEEK UNTIL Avengers Infinity War opens in May!

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Iron Man 2

Excessive. Of all the adjectives one can apply to Iron Man 2, “excessive” might be the most accurate. On re-watching it this week, I was stunned by just how much is going on in this movie. Quicker! Faster! More!

Unfortunately, none of those things make Iron Man 2 better. It is not a bad movie and I happen to really groove on Sam Rockwell’s performance as Justin Hammer. It is just that there is far too much happening: too many plot lines, to much fan service, too many drones. And I was very surprised to see what a complete jerk Tony Stark is in this movie – like a repulsive, dangerous jerk. That this character has become the bulwark of the Marvel movie universe is really something else. This Tony is dismissive, mean and drunk – not the lovable rogue we have come to enjoy. The movie, while it has some good moments, is also mean. It is that snarky teenager who thinks he is smarter than everyone: he can be clever, but a little of him goes a long way.

A little of Iron Man 2 goes a long way. Your memory of the movie is, likely, enough.

You can read my full review but the end run is that Iron Man 2 received TWO AND A HALF exploding watermelons out of a possible FIVE.


  • Natasha Romanov/The Black Widow
  • Captain America’s shield
  • Howard Stark as Tony’s father (we saw him in Captain America, but he is so much more important here)
  • Don Cheadle as War Machine
  • Thor’s hammer (post credit stinger)


  • Don Cheadle assumes the role of Jim “Rhodey” Rhodes and dons the “War Machine” armor. War Machine is a major player in Iron Man 3 and Captain America: Civil War
  • Tony and Nick Fury further discuss the Avengers Initiative.
  • Iron Man is deemed suitable for the Avengers team, Tony Stark is not. Somehow, between this movie and The Avengers, that caveat is conveniently forgotten.
  • There is a (retroactive) Spider-Man connection: it is, apparently, canon that the young man that Iron Man saves at the Stark Expo by destroying a drone is Peter Parker, who becomes Spider-Man.
  • The Stark Expo is, clearly, on the site of the World’s Fair at which Steve Rogers met Doctor Erskine which began the events that led to the former becoming the super soldier in Captain America: The First Avenger.

Avengers | Endgame is coming…

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