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Thor The Dark World

Thor the Dark World is not a very good superhero movie. It is not a very good movie overall, actually, and I think I missed that fact when I first saw it because I was simply too amazed that Thor was getting a second film. I am still amazed by that.

The film is uneven. The tone flips wildly between grand seriousness and slapstick comedy. It attempts to recapture the fish-out-of-water conceit of the first movie, this time taking Jane Foster to Asgard as the self-safe fish. It wastes great performances (and a few good ones). It is just about everything we have come to hate about superhero films: set pieces that exist because they look cool (floating semi trucks, anyone?), battles that rage on and on, an unsatisfying concluding fight between hero and villain.

Thor The Dark World just does not work. And it has not aged well at all. And the CGI is bad. And… well, you get the picture.

However, it does do some critical world building for Avengers Infinity War.

When I reviewed Thor The Dark World four years ago, I was way too forgiving – somehow in a haze of excitement about superhero movies that had not waned as yet, I gave it FOUR HAMMER TOSSES out of a possible FIVEAs I noted, that’s far too generous.


  • The Collector


  • The Aether is revealed to be one of the Infinity Stones that Thanos used to destory half of all life in Infinity War. It is the Reality Stone.
  • Taneleer Tivan, the Collector (played by Benicio del Toro) is introduced when Volstagg and Lady Sif deliver the Aether to him. I was surprised to see him in Infinity War!
  • Volstagg confirms that the Tesseract from Avengers is itself and Infinity Stone – the Tesseract is the Space Stone.
  • Thor has returned, permanently it seems, to Earth at the end of the film so he will be on hand for Avengers Age of Ultron. 


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