And There Came Rise of Skywalker Preparation

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In mid-December, the last installment of the 9 film Star Wars Skywalker saga will be released. The Rise of Skywalker will grace our movie screens, answer every-and-all questions we have about the Star Wars universe and satisfy all viewers.

Or not.

Here’s the thing: I know it WILL satisfy me. I know myself that well. And I cannot wait.


In preparation, it is time (HIGH TIME) to re-watch each of the films and to blog about them going into this last chapter. The first decision to make is how to watch them. As any true Star Wars fan knows, there are three acceptable ways to watch:

  • In release order beginning with 1977’s – A New Hope through 2017’s The Last Jedi,
  • following the so-called “Machete Order
  • or in the order in which the films occurred in their timeline – The Timeline Order (1998’s The Phantom Menace through 2017’s The Last Jedi)

Writer’s Note: While they are not explicitly part of the Skywalker Saga, I am including Solo and Rogue One though they are not typically considered in the above approaches.

I will be watching the films in the Timelime Order as follows (and I have front loaded the project):

  • Week One – 8.25 – 8.31: The Phantom Menace
  • Week Two – 9.8 – 9.14: Attack of the Clones
  • Week Three – 9.22 – 9.28: Revenge of the Sith
  • Week Four – 9.29 – 10.5: Solo
  • Week Five – 10.6 – 10.12: Rogue One
  • Week Six –  10.13 – 10.19: A New Hope
  • Week Seven – 10.20 – 10.26: The Empire Strikes Back
  • Week Eight – 11.3 – 11.9: Return of the Jedi
  • Week Nine – 11.17 – 11.23: The Force Awakens
  • Week Ten – 12.1 – 12.7: The Last Jedi

May the Force Be With Us!

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