The 2019 Denver Broncos Week Seven | Kansas City @ Denver Broncos

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Prediction: Tennessee 16 @ Denver 26

Actual: Tennessee 0 @ Denver 16


Make no mistake. Denver is on an upswing and Kansas City is scuffling. Over the course of the last two weeks, the Chiefs have not only looked beatable, they have been beaten. The Broncos, on the other hand, have looked like they can actually win a game and have won two.

And last week featured a shut out. In the NFL, shut outs are big deals no matter against whom they come.


There are two here. I cannot pick one.

Denver’s run game vs. Kansas City’s defense is the first key. If Denver gets the ground game going, they can keep Patrick Mahomes off the field. He cannot score from the bench… I don’t think.

The second key is Mahomes vs. the Denver defense. Keep Mahomes and his wounded ankle hemmed in, and Denver has better than a puncher’s chance at this one.


Courtland Sutton, Emmanuel Sanders and Joe Flacco are the x-factors in this game. If the ground game rolls – and it might – play action should be featured and Number 5 should be able to hit a few big ones. Do that, that the complexion of the game (and the AFC West) changes.


Kansas City is hobbled. Denver is hungry.

Will those factors be enough for Denver to win?

If the Broncos pull off the upset, they are relevant at the halfway point of this season. Given that they dropped their first four games, that would be something, indeed.

My orange colored glasses say they get it done.

Kansas City Chiefs – 20

Denver Broncos – 23

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