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The 2019 Denver Broncos Week Eleven | Denver Broncos @ Minnesota Vikings

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Prediction: Cleveland 19 @ Denver 24

Actual: Cleveland 19 @ Denver 24


I cannot remember a time I actually nailed both the winner of a game and the final score but I did two weeks back! If my mojo is turning around, can the Denver Broncos’ mojo?


The Minnesota Vikings may not be the best team in the NFC, but they are absolutely in the playoff conversation. The Broncos have been on the outside of that chat this entire season. And, while Denver fans seem thrilled with the debut of Brandon Allen (a fairly pedestrian stat day, a massively successful “give us hope” day), the team had pursued Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins two off seasons ago because they thought he was great.

He has played great lately.

He has played well enough – as has the team around him – to beat the Broncos. Let’s see Denver can pull off the upset.


Denver’s secondary will, likely, need its best game of the year to stop Cousins and the Vikings. The QB has been on something of a roll of late and he helped his team to an emotional and important NFC victory over the Dallas Cowboys Monday night. Denver will have to keep him reigned in or the Vikings could put this game away before halftime. 

Perhaps the old, turnover prone ways will return for Cousins this weekend. If they do, Denver has a shot.


Chris Harris, jr. almost had not one but two interceptions in Denver’s last game against the Cleveland Browns. He is overdue for one this week and, especially with star Adam Theilen sidelined, there is no talent for the Vikings like OBJ… If Harris can steal one (or two?), Denver can steal the game.


There is no reason the Vikings should drop this one at home to the Broncos. Denver historically is awful in the early time slot and they have been truly terrible on the road for the past 3 seasons. While the win over the Browns (the Browns?!?) has rekindled some energy and enthusiasm in Broncos Country, that will not be enough to beat the Vikings. 

But it may be enough to stay heartbreakingly close. 

Denver Broncos – 24

Minnesota Vikings – 27

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