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Best Combination, 10 Times Over

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Tin. Tin is the traditional gift for one’s 10th anniversary. The modern gift, by-the-way, is diamonds but no diamonds will be proffered to The Cinnamon Girl today.

Frankly, no tin will be, either. We have decided to treat ourselves to a lovely vacation in lieu of exchanging presents this year and it is killing me (but her birthday is in just over a month and I’ll make up for it, then!).

For reasons known only to her (and, I suspect, to God), The Cinnamon Girl married me and I married her 10 years ago today. And, while I could do some clever math adding up to 10 concerning the past decade –

Oh, hell, I have to do it now that I’ve thought of it!

1 purchased home +

3 graduations from high school +

2 new cats +

2 parents passing +

1 major job change +

1 perfect wife = 10!

Um, as I was saying, I could do some clever math, but I will resist the impulse. Instead I want to write about tin.

There is nothing particularly special about this metal. It is soft. My brave wife is the strongest woman I know. It is malleable. My incredible wife is the most confident and convicted a person as I know. It is not particularly shiny or attractive. My beautiful wife is absolutely dazzling.

What it has going for it is that it combines with other metals incredibly well and it makes them new, different, better. It changes and revitalizes them. That is what tin does.

Without question, that is what The Cinnamon Girl did for me when I met her over a decade ago. She did it when she and I married on a June 9 in 2007. She made me new, different and better.

With sincere apologies to all of my wonderful friends who are not her, The Cinnamon Girl is the person with whom I want to spend my time, free and otherwise. She is the first thing I think about in the mornings, the last thing I pray about when I fall to sleep. She is the best friend I have ever had and she is the wisest person I know.

She is my wife and the combination is all but perfect.

Happy Anniversary, Cinnamon Girl. I love you more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow.

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Anniversary Photos – Mom & Dad

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51 years ago today, my parents married marking another chapter in their ongoing love story and, though he died almost five years ago, their love story goes on…

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I Carry This Feeling… Nine Years

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And you were right, when I walked into your house,

I knew I’d never want to leave.

The Cinnamon Girl and I have been married nine years today and I love her more now than I ever have.

We met later in our lives, The Cinnamon Girl and I, later in our lives after we’d lived a little, after we’d had children, after we’d been through ups and downs. We met when we were adults. We met when we were certain of who we were apart from other.

We met at the perfect time.

The single, best decision I’ve ever made in my entire life was marrying The Cinnamon Girl. Simplest. Easiest. Best.

Early in our engagement The Cinnamon Girl and I made another decision. This decision is easily the second best decision I’ve ever made in my life.

I don’t know which of us posed the idea first but I would guess it was The Cinnamon Girl because she is both more insightful and more wise than I. We made the decision to treat each other with kindness, always. We decided that kindness would be our default when talking to each other and about each other. We determined that we wanted to treat each other as well or better than we treated anyone else.

When you’re blessed enough to be married to someone like The Cinnamon Girl, being kind is very easy.

We’ve lived through nine years together, nine years of raising kids and watching them grow, nine years of career ups and career downs, nine years of weaving our closeness ever closer.

Nine years of kindness and charity and love.

I am a better man now than I was before. I am a stronger man. I am a kinder man. That’s what the love of this woman has done for me.

These nine years have been all but perfect. I know the next nine will be even more wonderful.

Happy Anniversary, Cinnamon Girl.

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My Parents’ Anniversary – August 7, 1965

When my father passed away almost four years ago, I was humbled to deliver his eulogy. In those comments, words that can never sum up who he was, I mentioned something I found important: my dad and mom had lived a love story.

Today marks the 50th anniversary of their marriage and it’s a time to celebrate their journey together – some of the blessings of which are in me and my sisters, our spouses and our children, to celebrate the testament of their lives together and, finally, to celebrate their love.

True love never dies,

It only gets stronger with time…




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You See Us Together, Chasing The Moonlight – Happy Anniversary, Cinnamon Girl

Sitting in the car, lying in bed or, most likely, during one of our walks, I frequently turn to you as the sun shines on your beautiful hair and ask “what are you thinking about?”

I bet you get tired of me asking you that.

The answer you give, as often as not, is related to something relatively mundane: the lesson you’re planning for your next class, what magic you’re thinking about working in the kitchen later in the evening, something one of our kids needs (they seem to never run out of needs). Sometimes, especially lately, you might be thinking about something deeper and more philosophical. We’ve certainly had cause to discuss big topics in recent weeks.

But, Baby, know that no matter what you’re thinking about, I want to know. I want to hear what you’re considering and listen to what you have to say.

I still want to know every thought you have.

I want to know everything about you.

In that, little has changed over the 8 years we’ve been married.


8 years ago, as we stood in my parents’ backyard with a small gathering of our family and our friends, I knew that marrying you was the best decision I would ever make not because I knew everything about you – because I didn’t and I still don’t – but because, though I didn’t know everything, I knew some important things.

I knew that you were the best partner I would ever be able to find, and you are.

I knew that you took my breath away with your beauty, and you still do.

I knew that you made me laugh, and you still do.

I knew that you would be a wonderful parent to my children, and you are.

I knew that you were the most intelligent woman I’d ever spoken to and been challenged by, and you still are.

I knew that you were the love I’d been searching for, and you always will be.

Nothing lasts forever, Baby… except US.

I love you, Cinnamon Girl.

Happy Anniversary.

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