Man Of Steel Better Than I Remembered

Last summer the Superman reboot Man of Steel opened to much fanfare and mixed reviews. It was too gritty. The action bordered on disaster porn. Superman shouldn’t act the way he did. Superman shouldn’t kill. Ever.

Those reactions don’t sound too “mixed” do they? The mixed part is that someone must have liked the film because it made a ton of money and is the linchpin not only for a series of Superman movies but, as comic geeks and film nerds everywhere know, is spawning an entire universe of films starting with 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Again this week, director Zach Snyder’s vision stirred up the internets a bit when he posted a picture of the Man of Steel meant to evoke the tone of the new film.


photo from

Perhaps it’s because this summer has been so disappointing in terms of movies  (for every X-Men Days of Future Past there is a Blended, for every Edge of Tomorrow there is a Million Ways to Die in the West). After Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, is there another movie that you’re really interested in hitting on opening night this summer (until Guardians of the Galaxy?).

When viewed through this prism, last summer’s Man of Steel, is certainly a cut above much of the schlock of the Summer of 2014. But, in watching the movie again (you can see my original reviews HERE and HERE), I was struck by how much I really enjoyed it and how good it really was.

I, for one, am awaiting the next installment in Zach Snyder and David S. Goyer’s DC Universe films with great anticipation, greater now that I re-watched Man of Steel. 

Stream it. It’s better than 22 Jump Street or Transformers 4, I promise you that.


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